Zain’s Social Work

Zain group, the largest telecommunication provider in Jordan, has issued a press release in their annual strategic business meeting that was held in Amman this year. We all know how good these telecommunication companies make, and thus this post is not meant to focus on the company’s achievements and its prospects and plans for the coming few years. This may also sound like a free advertisement for the company, but it is a thing that I believe such companies deserve for the fulfillment of its social duties. It is worth highlighting the appreciation of people of such work in order for other companies to follow up.

Let’s look at what they have been doing socially:

1. Zain has renewed its partnership with the Ministry of social development for the 4th consecutive year in order to be able to provide their social support and donation under one channel. Since 2005, they have been able to help 1120 families in Jordan.

2. They have a Knowledge Competition with a prize of 10,000 JD to the winner which was the Jordan University team this year.

3. Zain is a major partner of Queen’s Rania education initiative ‘Madrasati’ (My school). They are committed to provide around 500,000 JD to the program in 5 years. The program is meant to maintain public school and support educational programs along with providing essential tools for education.
In addition to that, Zain has provided 57 college scholarships last year.

4. 100, 000 JD is Zain’s donations for Gaza, along with opening their centers for accepting people’s donations and providing a channel of donating money through sms.

These are what most caught my attention of their social work. It might be the least one would expect from a company of the size of Zain, but it is also good to appreciate whatever is done in this area.


Jordan Chamber of Commerce, I am impressed!

I am really impressed.
Three days ago, I headed with my business partner to the Jordan Chamber of Commerce to register our Licky-Licious business there because we wanted to add selling sweets to our menu and the municipality needed this permission in order to give us the license.

Of course, going to deal with a governmental entity kept me wary of the potential problems that may arise, especially with our past experience with the GAM and their bad services at Zahran’s offices.

It was Saturday, and we went so early as of 8 AM. The minute we entered the building, a man at the reception called us in a very respectful manner and asked us how he can help us. He then pointed us to another guy that would help us in our application. We moved to the other guy’s desk, which cheered us with a smile and offered us some candies! He then asked for our papers which we didn’t have yet because we were waiting for the guy which we appointed to handle our governmental procedures. The guy of the Chamber asked us to sit down a bit till he comes and few seconds later; he came to us and offered us some coffee!

Our guy arrived few minutes later, we proceeded with the application but it turned out that we missed our rent form which was necessary for the application at the Chamber. Our guy suggested that they proceed with the application in the meantime and we fax them the rent form afterward. Surprisingly, they agreed, and few minutes later we were done!

I am telling you guys, this is a 5 stars service! To sum it up:

1.People were all energetic and awake starting their work at 8 am.
2.They were very respectful and hospital
3.They wear badges with their names on their chests
4.There was NO smoking whatsoever in the Chamber
5.The procedures were simple and clear.

I have dealt with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and the GAM. It seems that doing business in Jordan is not as bad as we think it is. The GAM’s Zahran’s office is still a disaster, but I hope they come around and meet up the expectations of services other governmental entities in this country provide so far.

Gay penguins steal eggs from straight couples!

A couple of gay penguins are attempting to steal eggs from straight birds in an effort to become “fathers”, it has been reported.

How often does this happen? Why didn’t they seek adoption?

But the deception has been noticed by other penguins at the zoo, who have ostracised the gay couple from their group.

That is a good reason for homophobia, no?

A keeper at Polar Land in Harbin, north east China explained that the gay couple had the natural urge to become fathers, despite their sexuality.

If there is not many orphan penguins then artificial insamination would help. Or maybe some electric shock therapy for those gay penguins would for them to change their immoral behaviour.

“One of the responsibilities of being a male adult is looking after the eggs. Despite this being a biological impossibility for this couple, the natural desire is still there,” a keeper told the Austrian Times newspaper

Nature is realy fucked up! It wires in them the need of looking after eggs, then strip them of the ability of making some! They have the capability, but their campus is set towards a wrong direction! How would they possibly know how to conceive a child?! They are smart enough to rob but not to figure out that they need to have sex with a female penguin in order to get some eggs?! Maybe then the other penguins wouldnt have ostarized them from the group.

Read the full story here

This won’t change the world, but maybe some minds..

“I am not claiming a video can change the world but maybe it can help us change some minds… and that is where real progress starts” Her Majesty Queen Rania

Beautiful what she said on youtube, isn’t it?

I can’t admire her more!

and I say that the same applies here for me…. I am not claiming that a single post can change the world but maybe it can help me change some minds…. and yes, I believe that is where real progress starts!

I have a question for my blog readers, have I ever succeeded in a presenting a different perspective or new idea of something that helps change your view of life? Please let me know.

Sweden, second day, dinner at the Noble Museum

The second day of the program, today, friday, we had to wake up at 7 am Sweden time, 8 am Jordanian time to have breakfast before leaving to the Swedish Institute (SI) an hour later. Normally, in Amman, I would wake up around 10 and have some little chat over a cup of coffe with my parents in their bed before our breakfast (miss you dad and mom). I didn’t change my time so that I fool myself that I wake at 8 instead of 7! But eventhough, when I woke up, it was still dark! The sun wasn’t over yet and I was like what the hell!! How can I wake up like this?!

We had our breakfast and left to the SI where we had a brief introduction about the program and were everyone presented himself. The head of the SI gave a small speech about how Sweden is connected to the world, and how little they are connected to the middle east, and how much they like to share Sweden with the world. They start this program this year in an attempt to build stronger relationships with the countries presented. He pointed out the freedom of speech has been established in Sweden since 1766! Yes, 1766! and they never had a censorship case since then! (We are so behind in this deparment, arent we?), but he also said that democracy came late to them as they started to vote on 1948! (not so late to us? hehehe)

We then had 5 minutes each to present ourselves. We had 7 questions about ourselves as guidlines. I was impressed with the achievements and passion of the participants, all in his field of media and social development, all young and are looking for a brighter future for them and their communities. I got nervous while giving mine for I still don’t feel comfortable in public speeches!

At 7 pm we had to go to the Noble Museum for a dinner and opening ceremony. It was a wonderful evening. The museum from his nambe is to honor people who won the Noble prize. We had a special presentation about Alfred Noble himself. It was interesting to know how he created the dynamite and how he established many factories all over the world and then specified that he wants his fortune to be dedicated to honor people who achieve something for humanity.

I am trying to upload photos and videos but it is not working :S. I will try later!

My flight and arrival to Stockholm

It is funny, blogger has detected me in Sweden, he turned the menus to default Swede!

It has been a long journey today. We had a transit flight to Stockholm passing through Frankfurt. We left Amman at 3 am in the morning. It was nice meeting the other 2 jordanian participants and the 4 palestinian participants. We had only an hour to catch our flight from Frankfurt to Stockholm, unfortunatly it wasn’t enough! Frankfurt airport is so large and it was so busy. We arrived 10 minutes late, and the plane was off! We had to wait for two hours for the other flight. They said they would arrange for our luggage, but they didn’t seem to arrange it well! We ended in Stockholm’s airpot Arlanda the last people waiting for their luggage without any hope! We looked around for officials to help us. They checked and said that they should arrive in a late flight today. They had our hotel address and gave us a save survival kit! An underwear, tooth brush, shower gel, ….etc! I would like to see something like that implemented in Jordan.

The Swedish Institute people were worried on us for being late. They had two taxi’s waiting for us at the airport, and when we missed the first flight, they contacted our families to check on us. We tried to inform them through email and sms but it didn’t work out very well.

Anyway, it was a spectacular view from the airplane as we reached Stockholm, the city is built on several Islands, it is beautiful to see the merge of land and sea this way. Through our way to the hotel, I enjoyed the landscape of the beautiful shades of yellow and green leaves of the autumn trees.

I had few photos so far which I wanted to upload here, but couldn’t find the camera cable, it seems to be in my bag that hasn’t arrived yet. There is no plan for tonight. I have my heavy jacket in the bag as well so I am not sure if I can go out without it or not! The weather was surprisingly sunny! It was a bit cold when we arrived like a morning sunny day in January in Amman, the night seems to be much colder. I didn’t check it out yet.

They welcomed us at the hotel with a welcome kit of several booklets about Sweden and its culture. It seems to be an interesting read. One starting paragraph caught my attention, I loved it and so I copy it here for the end of this post:

The nice thing about customs and traditions is that they are constantly changing. When no longer in use, they are either forgotten or re-cast in a different mould.”