Jordanian bloggers and Twitter

I have been using Twitter for sometime now and it is growing on me, especially that I barely have time to write full posts recently. I haven noticed some Jordanian bloggers with accounts on twitter but only few are partially active. Twitter has been a great tool for me to connect with many other arabian bloggers and social activites. They are also many Jordanians who even enjoy microblogging and are active on twitter without having a blog for their own.

Twitter is a great tool for us to share information and communicate with each other. I list the Jordanian bloggers whom I found their twitter accounts below:

@tarawnah @tololy, @RobaAssi @ramiar @mab3oos @jadmadi @humeid @razano @maliksoft @moeys @journalistoula @Qwaider @alidahmash @styloholic @7akifadi @lina18 @shagfeh @Farah654 @za3tar @sabbah

and I hope to see them more active, and to see some others joining in. In specific, I hope to see: Kinzi, Hareega, Devil’s mind, Batir and Bam Bam

Please let me know if I have missed anyone, or point me to other Jordanian bloggers on Twitter to follow.

Queen Rania twitters the Pope!

Isn’t Queen Rania the coolest Queen ever?

First she establishes herself as a stylish elegant highly regarded Queen among the world leaders, then she creates a youtube channel to address the stereotypes against Arabs in the west and try to open a dialogue among the two sides, then she APPEARS on Oprah and gives a great interview and impressions about Jordan, and now she seizes the change of the Pope’s visit of to Jordan to start her twitter account that instantly became an industry news that would give a bigger volume to the visit and to Jordan as a country.

We can listen now to 140 character wisdom messages from our Queen. A great tool for the leaders of the 21th century to use and build on. Well done Queen Rania, we are so proud of you, really so so proud 🙂

Following are some of her wise tweets of today:

@QueenRania: Reminder of how special this land is- where our 3 beloved Prophets carried the message of moderation, tolerance, and peace.

@QueenRania: Just listened to Pope’s speech. Our region so needs a message of Peace.

@QueenRania: Pope moved by young people’s excitement. Inspired to be in the cradle of the major religions. Eager for people to rise above divisions.

“Our region so needs a message of Peace” yes indeed! With such leadership… I really have high hopes!