The world has a new language

The chapter of terror is closed. The chapter of war has ended. The chapter of blind dogmas is behind us. The American people have woke up and elected a new leader who can talk the language of humanity, the language of hope not fear as he put it himself. One who is confident enough of the right means that brings prosperity and peace not only to his nation but also to the whole nations of the world.

A new language might be what we just need to start seeing changes in this world. The alphabets of the world leader are very important in shaping the face of communication on this planet. Bush has dragged us down the road back into an old era of human development that is out of time of what humanity have reached to. Obama will set us back on the right track of the human progress, right where we have reached and right where we are heading.

A new face, a new tongue, a new leader with the right language that would set the leaders of the world speeches. Soon we will be listening to a total different news, and we will be having a total new perspective and hope.

Those who would resist are on the wrong side of history (he also said that). They might realize that the train has passed. It is no longer their time for the world is heading forward in a human sense.

It is time to move forward…. Lets march…