It is time to acknowledge our achievements

People see what they want to see. What they want to see is usually what they used to see. Familiarity breeds content. In Jordan, people are used to be negative and see a black future for this country no matter how much achievements there are. “Allah yostor, lessa el jay a3zam” – (God forbade us from the coming), a common sentence that pops up whenever a bad thing happens.

It is funny, because daily newspapers are full of success stories. It was just yesterday where I read 3 good news that I am sure most readers just ignored:

1. Jordanian science and math curriculum won the best among the arab countries.
(sure there is a room for improvement, and pointing out that the arab countries curriculum must suck don’t help here)

2. Unemployment rates in Jordan went down to 12%.
(yes 12%, not 50% as you want to believe).

3. Tourism sector growth 27% from past year.
(no, it isn’t about jew tourists who you think damage more than benefit the economy).

We do run to shout out the shortageous of our government. We boast our officials errors in a way that makes us feel good about our judgement because that is what we believe they are.

Sometimes it might not be that wrong, but when it becomes a general attitude, maybe it is time to start acknowledging the progress that is going on. Maybe I can utilize some posts on my blog to highlights things out from time to time because I am sick of pessimism.

It is better to light a candle than cursing the dark, no?