[VIDEOS] Ammanis are Happy.. keep ’em coming!

It’s about time to see Amman happy.

BeAmman’s video 

We are from Amman video 

Ali is happy too video 


List of good news in less than an hour #PositiveNewsJO #AWeekofGoodnessJO

A week of good news

A week of good news

In less than one hour of asking people to share their positive news, I received the following goodness from my friends on facebook and twitter. I don’t understand why mainstream media fail to find positive news to share!

1. Time Shomali: My positive news that I am halfway  writing the new season of #FemaleShow 2013 #PositiveNewsJO

2. Amer Omero: Well…We (British Council) with International Youth Foundation, Talal Abu Ghazaleh College, and JOCF will start interviewing 300 young people from less fortunate areas to nominate the best 100 for a Retail course which will help them find jobs in Jordan to support themselves and their families…I’m too excited to meet them all tomorrow and I believe we’re going to give good opportunities for lots of young community leaders to make this country a better place to live in

and  Now moving on to the personal positive news…I’m done with my back injury treatment, and I can move and walk properly again!

3. Odai Leo:

I think you might be interested in this report … Walla it is kinda positive numbers for Jordan !! Very Impressive Actually

4. Hamdi Khalifa: I will start my new job this week and am super excited! 🙂

5. Rama Nimri:  I’m going back home for easter and cannot wait 🙂


Have a positive news to share? add it to the comment section or tweet it with the hashtag #PositiveNewsJO #AWeekofGoodnessJO