My 31, I mean 21 birthday

I really miss this space. I miss this blog and miss the Jordanian blogsphere. I feel guilty for not being able to post here as much as I used before. I feel guilty partially because I can see that there are poeple who still come and check it out eventhough I haven’t posted anything in the past 2 weeks, I feel guilty because even before that, and for around 3 months, I have barely blogged once a week. At some point, I was enjoying seeing my blog stats growing, but then again I failed to keep the momentom. I have been so busy lately, not just with my full time job, but also with Licky Licky (I will update you in a minute) and with another blog that I have been contributing to for a while. The other blog is about social media. I find it very interesting and challenging at the same time. I love that I have to research, learn and practice areas that develops my skills in something that is becoming the core of how people communicate these days. Check it out here:

Anyway, it was my birthday today. I have been telling people since the morning that it is my 21th birthday but I can’t fool you here. It is my 31th lovely birthday. I had one of my best birthdays. I had my close friends and family for a gathering at my house. We spent a great time, and guess what I got as a gift? mmmm, well, I asked for it a year and a half ago, and today I got it as a my birthday present: A nintendo Wii 🙂 :). Although I love the feeling of maturity and more confidence that come with age, I also love the child inside me that keeps on growing. I like to play, laugh and enjoy life. With such people around me, I know that I am blessed.

As for Licky Licious update, I have learnt the hard way that it is hard to start a business without having time to follow it up. It has been a tough time for me and my business partner (my best friend) for the past year. We both carry a full time job, and we both cherish our social life. We had barely only few time to run the shop. It only took few months for our enthusiams to drawn. Although we had a good start and did a good job in building the look and feel and the service of the shop, we ended up not being able to keep up a good quality service. As a result we looked out for someone else to take over and hopefully to run it in a better way. They are now re-decorating the shop and will open back on wednesday. They will be offering some new products inluding crepe and better coffe options. They have also changed the ice cream supplier. Check it out in your next visit to the Rainbow street and let me know what you think.

The more age I put, the more I learn to enjoy life better. My 30 has been better than my 29 and I know that my 31 will be even better. I just hope to be able to have more time for this blog because it does really make me happy.

I want to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes today, whether on facebook, twitter, sms, phone, or in person. I love you all.

And thanks mother for taking care of everything. Alla ya3teeke el 3afieh.

Untamed Arab API break taboos – SVD article

Me and Nas in an article about Arab blogs in SVD (the second largest morning newspaper in Sweden).

It is only me who write on this blog, and I didn’t say that I do not want to disclose my identity online! I answered those questions to the writer of this article in an email! Obviously something went wrong!

Here is it in swedish.