The shoes should only humilate Bush!

When Saddam Hussen got executed, some people felt offended because they percieved the humilation of an Arab leader to be humilation for all Arabs! I couldn’t understand their reasoning. How in the hell people attach their dignity to a dictator? Saddam only represented himself, and his humilation should only reflected on him.

In the same line, I was surprised of the different Americans commenting on my yesterday’s blog post. Some of them did really felt offended for the shoes thrown on George Bush. That is a stupid line of thinking in my opinion. In Jordan, people link the honor of an individual to the honor of the entire family, and we think this is BAD! And then we see some American people linking the dignity of one man to the dignity of an entire nation!

George Bush doesn’t represent his nation as much as Saddam Hussen didn’t represent the Iraqi people.

People around the world restored their hope in the American people when Obama got elected. We believe in the American people and America as a nation. I will repeat Queen Rania’s words here: Our fight is not between East and West, Muslims and Christians, it is between extremists and moderates at both sides. George Bush have managed to help extremists gain ground all over the world. It is time to put the world back on track.

For those who enjoyed the video of the throwing shoes, now there is a flash game that allows you to do it yourself! People around the world are throwing showes on George Bush now, check it out here

22 thoughts on “The shoes should only humilate Bush!

  1. All I can say is WOW! From some of the comments left yesterday on the shoe throwing post!I think it is sad that some (when I say some I’m talking about both sides) see it as a derogatory statement towards the USA. The USA is not Bush! Yes, Bush is the president (that managed to cheat his way into office, but he is not the people or the voices of the people, so when he threw the shoe (not saying it was the right thing to do) I hope he was throwing the shoe at Bush (the man) and not the people of the USA.


  2. “George Bush doesn’t represent his nation as much as Saddam Hussen didn’t represent the Iraqi people. “are friggin serious? Saddam got to power with blood, he was not elected, he was a dictator..Bush was elected democratically, for TWO terms..So puhlease don’t compare..


  3. see, voting carries responsibility…We don’t vote for our policy whether local or foreign, neither most of the arabs, so we are not as responsible as those who enjoy the right to vote freely. You can’t simply screw up and then say: my bad..


  4. The issue with Saddam isn’t about his crimes. But rather about the timing and the method of execution. It was done on the eve of the Eid, and was done in a way that would send a messageThe difference is that in the case of Saddam, it was a Nation prosecuting a former Arab president. While in the case of Bush, it’s an individual act.So the idea is, A NATION has tried and humiliated a leader. While in the other case, a Person went out and did a specific act.And for someone who is a proponent of freedom of speech, you do appear to have preferential treatment to that. Why can’t people feel offended by an act? Who are you to tell people what they feel? You represent yourself and your thought.I never liked Saddam, not when all of Jordan was head over heels seeing him in the Moon and talking goats. But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a message to Arab dignity.Saddam, and the fall of Baghdad, the occupation of a sovereign nation… All of these are message not only to the Iraqi’s, but to everyone.Anyway, I think a shoe was the proper icing on the right cake!


  5. While I agree that Bush definitely does not represent the people of USA, I do think that voting and “democracy” put some responsibility on the citizens.If the USA is to call itself democratic then the people of USA should educate themselves on politics (including foreign policy like the war on Iraq) and should be influential when such decisions and policies are being undertaken by their country. Voting and freedom of speech are two ways how they influence their politics. The truth is the majority of US citizens agree with US politics. You can say it is because they are misinformed/brainwashed/don’t care…etc, but that doesn’t stop it from being true.


  6. Good observations, I have realized that too, if a member in an Arabic family does something unacceptable, the whole families dignity and respect is destroyed among others.and I think that is why we have honor killings ”jara2em sharaf” in the arab world unlike in the western world.


  7. miss. dafah says:

    “Saddam got to power with blood, he was not elected, he was a dictator..Bush was elected democratically, for TWO terms..So puhlease don’t compare..”Mohaned, please, this is a silly statement to make. Can you please tell me what makes a violent democracy so wonderful? Decades of Israeli democracy have done nothing for the Palestinians. What has American democracy done for dead Iraqis? I can never understand when Arabs foolishly use American talking points. Are you a spoof or what?


  8. WOW! It is amazing to see how the shoe throwing has brought up emotions in people from all different back grounds. I was seriously amazed at a co-worker’s reaction when this happened. I had never seen so much hate in him before. I find it sad that so many people carry so much anger and hate in them to the point that they would go to the extreme of wishing death on an individual. “I seriously think the world needs healing” there is so much fighting for “POWER” that the people in the world are willing to destroy each other for it. And separate themselves by race, religion, nationality…… we are all “ONE”!Many might disagree on this but we are all conceived the same way we all have to eat to survive, breathe to survive, we might not have asked to be born into this world and to the nation we were born in or family we were born in but the fact is we all live, eat, breathe, work exist here on planet earth. So instead of finding ways to separate ourselves more we should be looking at ways to bring the world closer as a human race. Not sure if I was able to write my feeling out clearly.What I am seeing more and more is people finding ways to separate themselves instead of finding ways to bring themselves closer to others.


  9. m


  10. Marie, I am as well sad to see the amount of hatred people can carry in their hurts. It is really silly that at this age of time we can’t manage to stop generalizing about a whole nation for the act of some individuals. It is sad that we can’t see the humanity in each other.The world really needs healing. That is why we have Obama🙂. We also need more people like you xxQwaider, I am saying my opinion here. I think that people should stop being easily offended. It is just stupid. I didn’t say that we should force people not to feel offended. You need to review the definition of freedom of speech.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Nika Marie – I thought Arab culture taught one not to insult guests – evidently that is a selective process. Bush, in case you neanderthals don’t know it, was elected twice unlike Saddam or King Abdullah or ANY one of the numerous tinpot dictators you have in the Middle East. In the not too distant future, you Arabs might yet evolve into somewhat sentient beings and realize that what Bush did for Iraq was the beginning of the age of enlightenment for your benighted land


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