Stop waiting..

Beautiful Hiba is waiting. Like many others, she is waiting for a dream, she is waiting for truth, for peace, love, and happiness.

Many are waiting

But many others are drifting

Just like me, drifting in a path of mistery, in a journey with an unset length, a journey that has been good to me, in a way that is keeping me happy, and hoping for even brighter stops, stops of light, that feeds me all the way into a better sight of my surroundings that would be added to my perception.

For all those who are waiting… I say that maybe it is time to stop waiting, and live the real thing of your short awarnace… before it disappears…


My inner leader and Sandi bell!

This is funny, today we had this leadership and gender workshop. The lecturer asked us to take a moment and meet the inner leader of us! It was a weird request, we had to sleep and relax (mediate) and she was guiding us of what to imagine. She asked us to image a place. I don’t know why, but I imagined myself in the beautiful garden of Sandi bell! (Dont laugh), Do you remeber it guys? The beautiful small garden where Sandi took care off and dreamed of her lover Mark. Anyhow, she then asked us to follow a path, and I imagined a road with a green sides to Sandi’s house! I entered the house and my inner leader (which is me) came in! Surprisingly wearing the same jacket I was wearing today! I couldn’t keep up with the instructions of the lecturer as I fall asleep and started snoring! how shameful!

When I woke up, some talked about their experience, she had asked them to imagine their inner leader giving them a box and to open it and check what was inside. I continue my imagination then, and imagined mine giving me a black box, and in it a message saying that I have a beautiful live infront of me :). I believe there is, and look forward for it.

Back to the lecture, which was mainly about leadership and gender. Sweden seems to be so concerned with gender equality, I think they have a Ministry for Integration and Gender. The other day I found this booklet in the Swedish Institute where they have all of those statistics about men and women and their numbers in different occupations and roles. Inspite of the social awarnace and government and non-government work to achieve gender equality, there is still inequality in achievements of women in leading roles. The lecturer pointed out that there has been a study that found that women in middle managerial positions have better skills than men. And that there has been a study in Finland which found that companies with a female CEO makes 10% more profit! That doesn’t mean that women are more competent than men, but it means that women have still to put more efforts and gain more skills in order for them to occupy a position that a man would fill with less skills.

Women around the world have achieved a lot in the past decade, but still they have a long way to go.

Restoring virginity in Sweden?!!!

You won’t believe what I have found in a the second largest morning newspaper in Sweden. It is something that I would expect to read in one of the Jordanian’s newspapers or any other country. There is an article talking about the risks of “virginity restoring” operations, forced marriages, and under-age marrying. Maybe you wouldn’t be that surprised if you know that around 25% of the Swede population has different ethnic background. There is a huge community of immigrants from the Arab and the Muslim world. The issue of immigrants is a big deal in Sweden, in one hand the society is trying to absorb the new comers, and in another hand, there are issues of differences in cultures and traditions and behaviour.

Swedes in general are tolerant people. They try to be very politically correct when they address anyone. Newspapers try to cater for the diversity of people living in Sweden, and there are some special organizations that work on monitoring what goes out in media in order to ensure no discrimination or hate speech going on.

I was happy to know that they have this special system at schools where they have this prequisite for high shcool which is to have students meet people of different minorities. Like for intance bringing a veiled girl, Imam, homosexual, black man, …etc to give those teenagers a chance to be closers to these minorities and ask them about whatever they have in mind.

I wish we can introduce such an initiative in Jordan. It would be a good idea to build more tolerance and harmony in our society. I suggest to bring a jew, a shite, a christian, a black, an american and a homosexual!

The world is back on track

It has been long 8 years. 8 years in turmoil, going through a crisis after another, and disaster after another. George W Bush has managed to shake up not only the US, but also the entire globe.

It isn’t like we have been living in a peaceful world before that, but back then, the world was in a more peaceful state.

The extreme external affairs policies of the pervious US government have managed to help extremists gain ground eveywhere around the globe. Moderates found themselves in a difficult position trying to stand up for tolerance, peace and love. War against terror only managed to multiply it. The ethnic and religious devision grew larger than ever. New crusaders appear at the tongue of Bush himself!

The world has waited 8 long years. Some lost hope in the Americans, and some were crossing their fingers. Fortunatly, they proved that there is still hope in that country and there is still hope for the world.

There is some tough work the Obama has to take care of. I have a big faith in him, and a big faith in the world. We are going into a healing phase, and back on the right track.

The bright side of homosexuality in Jordan

The general stand on homosexuality and its moral aspects from a religious/belief point of view is onething, and trying to build on people’s moral emotions by a bad journalist and an out-dated homophobic doctor is a totally another thing.

Journalism and Medicine are two dangerous important fields that affect people’s lifes closely. When a daily newspaper as Al Ghad publishes an article that doesn’t differenciate between a homosexual, transexual and a prostitute, and generalize in a way that is far away from truth, one would really wonder about the professionalism of our media and the how much we can rely on such newspapers for a credible news?

Is it good that homosexuality helps us realize how professional are our journalists?

It is even more dangerous when you apply it to Medicine. People’s lives are in the line here. There should be no room for corruption in the medical field. People like the claimed Dr. Abed Al Hameed Al Qudah should be accountable for what they say.

For a guy who has a PH.D degree from the UK as he stated in his research, and one who is specialized in infectus diseases (I have no idea how that give him credibility to talk about homosexualiy) and is holding a position as the manager of the specialized labs in Irbid, the expectations of professionality and credibility should be high.

But then again, reading through comprehensive research one would immediatly realize that the guy is backing scientific methods in treating homosexuality that has been discredited in the scientific community more than 30 years ago!

What measures do we have in Jordan to ensure that doctors follow the latest medical findings? Is there something one can do when he goes to a doctor that applies a dangerous outdated treatement on him that causes him more harm than good? Is it the time where the government should be asked to come up with more regulations and survaillance over the medical field to ensure a higher level of professionalism? Isn’t that more important to us -the Jordanian citizens- than following effiminate men in the streets?!

Is it good that homosexuality helps us realize how professional are our doctors?

It is time to stand up for the truth and don’t let some unprofessional people build on our emotions to succeed in a louzy work. Be clear about your morals, but be clear as well about following your work ethical guidlines, for us the Jordanian citizens are not naive anymore, the internet is full of information.

I hate museums!

Okay Hiba, here we go, I declare it on my blog, I hate museums!

Why the hell do I have to walk all that stupid distance to check out a couple of ancient tools, some stones, and some skulls and skeletons for the vikings? Yes, I do find it interesting to know more about the history of Sweden, and yes, it is so cool to know more about the Vikings, but I would prefer to get those information through a documentary film.

Do you people really like to go to museums when you visit a country for tourism? I mean what is the point? getting to know the culture? but wouldn’t a historical museum represent an old culture of the country rather than the one exist now? what about going to bars and restaurant? going into the metro station and mingling with people of the specific country? wouldn’t that give you a better insight and better perspective of the cultures of people of this country?

Even that won’t really help in getting you to know the culture of a country. Every major city in the world is becoming a conspolitan place. There are many nationalities in Stockholm, and many people coming from different backgrounds, some are more open than the other, but some are so close so that not to lose their identities in the new society they live in. It is the same in most modern cities. This is more of a universal code of a modern life.

It leaves me with a big question, what is the most essential thing you need to experience when you visit a new country? I really have no clue…