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Life’s journey

It has been a busy period for me. Maintaing my current job in IT along with working on the opening of Licky Licious and the ideation workshop at the RFC and script wiritng. Running through all of this kept no room for the peaceful state of mind and moments of silence that I used to cherish which helps me contemplating life and think about it.

At times like this, Paulo Coelho has always managed to break up my auto-pilot run and wake up my soul. It has been few months since I finished the Witch of Portobello, and since then, his hands slightly lost its grip of my soul, leaving it drawining in the daily task of life. But then, and out of no where he did it again.

Yesterday, the RFC did their selection of the scripts they are going to produce in a seperate workshop this summer for director. Unfortunatly, my script wasn’t about those selected. Maybe I was slightly disappointed but haven’t felt bad at all, in the contrary and after the initial email containing the news my mood changed as Mais Darwaseh – who has been a TA at the workshop – (A very sweet person and a brilliant Jordanian director) sent us a comforting email encourage those whose scripts didn’t get picked to keep on writing and writing. She forwarded one of Paulo Coelho’s stories knowing that he is the best person to raise morals:

One day a man was trying to get into his house and the key would not open his door, after many failed trials, another man passes by and the man that wastrying to open the door asks him if he can help him.So the other man, puts the key in and click click opens the door in seconds. The helpless man was amazed and told him Wow! can u teach me how u did that. So the other man said: I m sorry i cant, because can a man teach another his craft? So the helpless man asked: Why? What is ur craft? The other man responded: I am a burglar – I steel houses for a living. So the man said: What do u do with ur life, are u living in this building? The other man responded: No, I really have no were to sleep, every night is different.

So to thank him, the man invited him to stay with him in his house. He stayed for a month, and every night the burglar would get dressed and go out to rob something.When he came back, the man would ask him: Were usuccessful tonight? And the burglar would say: No, icould not manage to rob anything, but i hope tomorrow would be a better day. And for a month the burglar would do the same process day in and day out yet still come back empty handed.

Have you read the Alchemist? It has the same concept here. What really matters is not the target of our quest, it is the journey of it. Because if you want something really bad, the world would help you achieving it. You just ought to open your eyes in your journey because the target in your head is just a tool to help you grow through this journey you decide to take.

I honestly really enjoyed the training session at the RFC. I do enjoy the writing itself and the opportunities it is opening for me. I do enjoy the way writing connect me with people and the way it is opening up my world.

And it is not just a moral raising talk about the importance of the journey, because at the end of the day we all know that someday life is going to reach its ends, and if there is one thing I want to take with it, it would be my MEMORY, and those little enjoyable moments of life. If it turns out that I can’t take even memory with me, then I would be contempt of every written step of my journey that makes up the chapter of my existing on this earth.

Life’s journey is beautiful, isn’t it?

Fruity Licious @ Licky Licious

I am so excited about this. I haven’t announced the opening of Licky Licious on my blog yet because I am waiting to finalize everything before the grand opening, but Licky licious is opened since 3 weeks ago. And while there are still a lot of work to do before the real opening, I am so excited about the products we have so far.

We have been experimenting with Fruit Salad and Ice cream. Yesterday we managed to create a very delicious one where I couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted to share it with everyone. I got you the two pictures above :).

Business is promising so far. We have been able to build loyal customers in a very short period of time. It does make me happy to see people coming back for more because it means that they like what we offer. Still we are waiting for summer and the official opening of the Rainbow street to make more business.

So far we have:
1. Ice cream
2. Slush
3. Frappe
4. Milk Shake
5. Fresh Orange Juice
6. Fruit Salad

I really recommend Fruity-licious and Frappe-licious :). Come and try it out 🙂

How fair is it to compare alcoholism to diabetes?

How many of us dared to do such comparison? A comparison of two diseases where one is treated with general sympathy by the majority of people in our society and is given much support while the other is treated with anger and hate.

In reality both alcoholism and diabetes are caused by a certain deficieny in the human body. For diabetes it is the inability of controling blood sugar level, and for alcoholism it is the inability of controlling anxiety. One is a body deficient and the other is a brain one.

Both diseases don’t have a real cure and require a certain diet from the patient. For diabetes, it is to minimize their intake of sugar, while for alcoholics it is staying away of alcohol.

Unfortunatly the solution is not as simple as it sounds. There is a catch for both diseases. For diabetes, sugar is a fuel, it is required for the cells of the body to keep on performing, and thus cutting out sugar is not an option. The solution here is to provide diabetes people with insulin injections which is the hormone that controls sugar levels in blood (the hormone that the shortage of causes diabetes in the first place).

In the same matter, the catch of alcoholism, is that alcohol does help subtitute the missing protein that is responsible of controlling anxiety. For alcoholics, alcohol is curing and damaging at the same time. For instance it helps lowering their anxiety level, while in the other hand causing damage to most of the other body organs.

The problem here is that unlike diabetes where proper medication is out their in terms of insulin. Alcoholism medication is still new, and while it is getting more support in the west, I guess it needs some time to catch up here.

It is sad to see two patients treated in different ways, and all is based on ignorance. Brain functionality has only been explored recently and Alcoholism has been considered to be a bad habit of immoral people for ages based on our lack of information. Maybe it is time to re-assess our mistake and provide more support to our patients.

انا و امي نحب الخرافات

اعطتني امي حجر العقيق. “ضعه في محفظتك لتبقى مليانه مصاري” قالت لي. ادعت انها حصلت على واحد لها منذ ايام, و انها تحتفظ به في جزدانها و منذ تلك اللحظة لم يفضى جزدانها ابدا! كأنه شلال, كلما خرجت المصاري من جهة, يمتلئ من الجهة المقابلة. طبعا انا اعجبت بالفكرة و بلا تفكير وضعت الحجر في محفظتي على امل ان تبقى مليانة دائما. فأنا كأمي احب الخرافات, و جزء مني مهما قرأ و احب العلم, يبقى الامل في المجهول يسيطر عليه
ايام العطل, اتمتع برفاهية البقاء في البيت لوقت اطول في الصباح. اخرج من تختي الى غرفة امي. ابي يحضر القهوة بينما انتظر انا و هي كارمن على قناة المستقبل لتحلل لنا سير الكواكب و تأثيرها على ابراجنا. افرح عندما يكون برجي جيدا, و لا اشعر بشيء عندما يكون سيء! فقط اقنع نفسي انها مجرد خرافات. فهي خرافات اصلا, اليس كذلك؟
و عندما انحدث مع هيثم او ناتاشا عن احلامنا المستقبلية, دائما نذكر “ذا سيكرت”, كتاب السر. نوقن ثلاثتنا بمقولة باولو كولهو المشهورة, فانه عنما يريد شخصا شيء يشدة, فان العلم كله يتامر لمساعدته بالحصول عليها. هل هناك علم موثق لذلك السر؟ لا. لكنني ايقن ايقان المؤمن بانه صحيح
وتبقى علاقتي بالاديان كوجه ضاحك بسخرية على تعلقي بالخرافات, فكيف اجاهر بكل و قاحة عدم ايماني, و احاجج بعدم وجود اثبات لوجود الله ثم اجد نفسي الاحق تلك الخرافات؟ هل انكر ان جزء مني يؤمن بخالق يرسم اسطر حياتي؟ و انني باستحياء اعترف انه في لحظات عدة اصلي في سريرتي. اهو ضياع و عبث كما يطلق بعض الاشخاص علي, ام حكمة املتها علي السنين في عدم جواز اليقين من شيء في هذه الدنيا و الابحار كورقة بيضاء كل يوم جديد؟
احب قراءة الكف, وفنجان القهوة. يستهويني الحديث عن الارواح و الجن. احب الغموض و لعبة فتح و اغماض الاعين, فمن يعلم, ربما هناك شيء في المجهول يرسم معالم الواقع, و لربما ان حجر العقيق له تأثير سحري على النقود. فاي ضرر ممكن ان يصيبني من وجود قطعة حجر في جيبي؟ في اسوأ الاحوال فانا ربحت بكتابة هذا المقال
امي سمعت قبل ايام ان القنفذ يجلب الرزقة و هي تبحث الان على قنفذ صغير لوضعه في البيت! فهل يكون القنفذ هو الجني الحقيقي لعلاء الدين؟ و هل يمكن ان يحل مشاكل الغلاء في الاردن؟ الجواب بين يديك, فالتجربة خير برهان