Licky Licious Menu

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21 thoughts on “Licky Licious Menu

  1. arablady, yes, we are trying to keep the prices as low as possible. I like the menu design🙂. There is no arabic version for now😦. Whatever, I am glad you love it. Did you try our ice cream? I cant help but to advertise it here. People pay money for advertisment on blog! Can’t I use mine to advertise my new shop for free??🙂Tala, that is the idea🙂Life, thank you dear! You lovely flowers on the shelf adds to the spirit of the place🙂


  2. whatever says:

    No Fadi, i did not try the icecream, i am on a diet and cannot eat any. I love the place tho and always coming with my friend to check it, he eats i watch.Just one point, we passed by last night at 10 and it was closed. It’s summer man, i think you should try to keep it open till around midnight.


  3. qu-ing, I am so glad you liked the fruity licious🙂. hareega, you are right, we should work on that.Whatever, that is too bad! I should check out options of getting diet ice cream. We close around 9 now, but inshalla later on we would be staying for more hours at night. I would like to meet you next time you come🙂 kinzi, cant wait to have you and little konouz as my guests🙂Marie, thanks! you should come for a visit🙂Moey, THANK YOU🙂


  4. First of all alf mabrook and I hope that business is picking up..My favorite ice cream shop here has a flavor of the week special which he changes every Monday..This feature attracted more business..I remember around thanksgiving he had Pumpkin flavor and cherry cordial for christams..This morning I checked it: Raspberry truffle..YUM As u can tell I hate ice cream loolAgain, mabrook w inshallah it will be the begining of an international chain🙂


  5. I visited yesterday and enjoyed the taste. I think it will get more attention in the summer nights when the street is lively. I advise anyone to come and have a bite (or lick)!


  6. noura, allah yebarek feeke, and thanks for the suggestion.Kinzi, that is a very good idea. I dont think that we are ready to work on events now, but maybe later on. Thank you for suggesting it🙂Batir Wardam, I wish I was there and met you! I am glad you enjoye the ice cream. Thank you so much for recommending it🙂.


  7. Anonymous says:

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