The women of Nai

Beauty, elegance, sophistication, and fun. High class women with full time respectful careers enjoy their time dancing and drinking in the most popular night club in town.

Coming with either their boyfriends, finaces, husbands, or even a group of friend, good looking women are highly welcomed to enter a club that has a very tight entrance close and almost private for a set of high class people.

For a big chunk of the Jordanian society, night life is still not accepted for women. Single women going to Nai maybe be seen in a bad light with a lot of people. Even a lot of women with no moral values against what goes on in Nai, find themselves rejecting a potentianl of a joyess night for the fear of some harm to their reputation that would mean a less chance of getting a husband, which is the ultimate goal of every young Jordanian girl.

On the other hand, some empowered strong women, with a less moral values against clubbing from their own small community find the Nai as a proper place for dating and introducing themselves to potential future husbands.

Amman is getting bigger and bigger, not just in terms of space, but also in terms of inner communities. The differences in the moral codes of people are becoming a long shades of spectrum with those with same interests find it easy to locate each other and enjoy their inner circles.

Women of the Nai are just out of the normal code for Jordanian women. A big peace of society is growing with a different values than what we used to have 10 years ago. Some women are just lucky with the more liberated smaller society they happen to come from, and are deaf of the majorities who are out of their circle.

What is beautiful about Jordan is that while people still do have this habit of interferring in each other’s lives, we do also have this modern country with laws and regulations that protects each individual and his right to live his life the way he sees fit.

And while a lot percieve the Women of the Nai to be spoiled, daddys girls, blondes, immoral women, the truth is that most of them are sophisticated, educated, beautiful business women who are worth to be admired and cherished.

21 thoughts on “The women of Nai

  1. I’ve only been there once, but I didn’t quite notice the women being so different than anywhere else. I guess the problem is I rarely look at people other than the ones I came in with no matter where I go. I guess as I see it I’m hanging out with my group and everyone else there is irrelevant.


  2. I agree, sometimes we’re buried with our traditions keeping us close minded. Misconceptions lead us to judge people so quickly without learning more about them.


  3. Well, I never heard of this Nai either… At first I was thinking this was something outside Jordan, until I came to the third paragraph where u mentioned Jordan!!Is it some ridiculously overpriced place like Dunes and stuff?!


  4. for a lot of ppl, Nai is THE place for more like 1-2 years or more, its at howard johnson hotel, however I dont like going there but my friend’s kinda grab me there all the time, Observer, you should have said “eight” not “Nai” as it is the new happening place ! I believe they are both over-rated!


  5. oraibo says:

    hehehfoof thanks for the great article i love it sweet;)and i love nai too,i always go there twice a monthe with my best friend it changes my mood aft a long week:)thanks sweet do u think i will meet mr right at nai!!:)


  6. Anonymous says:

    I would never survive without my inner circle its made me happier living in Jordan its also expanding there allot of open minded ppl out there that seem to have been hidden into the small circles ..the night life ppl have there own code…..some maybe deaf to the others but not all we co exist in a society with both extremes and struggle to get to the weekend to try to enjoy our night out with the ppl we enjoy the most ….we are tolerant to others but the others are not tolerant to us this is how i feel labeling places for having the good or bad girls but what can we do but learn to take in ppl and hope they will in return as we all have friends from uni or work or families that may not be able to understand therefore the circle is our haven🙂 but meeting a guy as oraib mentioned that blends into both worlds is something i too question lol


  7. Hani Obaid, maybe it is just the kind of places you always go to Hani🙂, that is why you didnt notice the difference😛. Actually my point is that those daring women are breaking some of the moral codes of the majority of our society, and while most concentrate on their morals, no one pays any attention to their intellectual background.Dave, it is in Shemisani, Howard Johnson Hotel. Batoul, exactly! We judge judge judge without any real ground for truth!DM, I am not sure how over priced is it with the current prices of place in all over town! I guess it is!Bashar, the Nai is THE place for over 20 years now I guess. It is the only club in Amman that maintained its success over time. All others succeed for a year or two then disappear. You are right, ‘eight’ is the hottest place right now🙂Oraibo, you are welcome habibty. You never know you would find Mr. right anywhere🙂Anonymous, you have a great point, it is hard to find the right person who can blend in the two worlds. A lot of men would just go to the Nai with their girl friend and then refuse to marry a girl who goes there! Double standard stupid mentality! I salute those women who don’t care, and enjoy themselves knowing that the right person would appear in the right time.


  8. Anonymous says:

    “we do also have this modern country with laws and regulations that protects each individual and his right to live his life the way he sees fit.”Just keep in mind that the “right to live your life” ends at your right to engage in oral sex with another grown ass man. A step further and you will be having your favorite kind of sex with a man from mafrag called jwai3edd.Believe it or not, but who sleeps with who, and who hoes around where is the LEAST of anyone’s concern.


  9. Janjoon says:

    Observer .. first I would like to say that i agree with you. A lot of people misjudge those women who go to such places as being loose and easy when infact these places will have both types; the easy and loose along with the smart and respectable .. but unfortunately that is the case when you live in a society like ours where everything you do is being judged by society with standards such as religion, politics, and sex being benchmarks. None of us are really free to do what we want and to live life as WE see fit. We all live our lives as society sees fit. Anonymous … i think you should try to post your comments at a blog made specifically for the mentally disabled or for five year olds. they are simply irrelevant and rude.


  10. wait wait wait … Fadi …Nai hmm … I don’t know but the Nai culture is pretty closed circle, and most of them don’t really care much about what others their are thinking since its rare to see a new face there. thats why i think they feel comfortable going there.


  11. I agree man. It’s very contradictory of what the normal hangout places are. I like it I just hate it when fellow gals over dress. nice post😉


  12. Freedom at a price is not really freedom – thats an commodity. It is not right to say that Jordan has “freedom” because a private sector provides certain freedom (for example a club). [I am not saying that Jordan lacks freedom, but the example you gave is not a good example]But to say the truth, thats something I hate about Jordanian people… They think that in order to be happy and\or be free, they need money!So why do I have to pay a big check just to be with my gf?! Thats stupid! Why can’t we kiss in the streets instead of an overly priced club?! Most Jordanians simply don’t know how to be happy outside an overly priced coffee shop!


  13. man…i really hate to be “that guy”…but of all the things affecting our country, of all the things affecting the people of our country, and of all the things affecting specifically the women in this country…you’ve chosen to stand up for about 0.025% of the population who have fun with daddy’s credit card on the weekend (to exaggerate the point)but that’s just me(p.s. those perceptions about “nai women” are mainly perpetuated by the “other women” who go to nai)


  14. Janjoon, but there is nothing that really stops us of living the life we want. It is just a glass fear of other people’s judgement! Ofcourse there are still some law the ought to be changed in order to grant more freedom, but what we have in Jordan is good so far. We need some more social development the emphasize on the right of each individual freedom. No_angel, yes, they feel free. As I said smaller communities in Jordan.Lara, thanks, welcome to my blog. Let them dress whatever they like😛 this is a free country! lolDM, wish we have the same freedom in streets! I am not sure about the law, but people are not ready yet to see others kissing or dancing in the street! Hope we reach there someday! I really would like to see more music, dance and fun in our streets. Nas, sadly you became “that guy”. You should know more than anyone that this is just *a* post. It is not my ultimate goal in life to defend The women of Nai, and yet you failed to see the dimensions of this post and what it means for women to be courageous enough to break the norm in order to defend their right of having fun. No, most of them are not spoiled girls with daddy’s credit, there are a lot of women with careers, who work hard during the week and have every right to enjoy their thursday night.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I am anonymous🙂 cause i cant seem to add a name its me dolphine thx for seeing my point and open minded dude will come along hehe..and as for the daddies credit card and several ppl who have drifted away from the whole point this is exactly what i meant by how some ppl cant take everything in ..and see the positive point of the blog its nice to know u think the way u do arab observer ..its refreshing for me ..


  16. failed to see the dimension? my comment was simple. women are fighting for much more important rights in this country, such as (for example) the right to be deemed a human being whose murder requries a mandatory minimum to match. this is to say nothing of the everyday jordanian, the 97% of this country, who are fighting for rights such as free speech, expression, transparency, jobs, opportunities, (in my opinion) this is isn’t the best time to be fighting for “the right to party”. leave that to the beastie boys.


  17. Nas, it is all one package. What you insist on failing to acknowledge is what the whole idea represents beside having the right to party and which I tried to highlight in this post. The idea is about independent empowered Jordanian women who don’t fear the judgement of others and do know how to enjoy themselves as much as of other men. The post has never meant to be somekind of a fight for the right to partying as you put it (we already have this right, don’t we). It just meant to cheer and applaud those women who are capable of entertaining themselves. Does that eat from the rights of the others (you say 97% of the population) that have different issues? The freedom of women comes in one package. They are entitled to their right to party the way they want to. You can’t tailor that freedom the way you see appropriate.


  18. Anonymous says:

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  19. Anonymous says:

    hi all just to say that we are arab people and the traditions are basic things in our life nai , eight or any places like these are not proper places for us coz we are ARAb and what ever you Will make you will stay arab people foolish people.


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