Fadi contemplating destiny

While Fadi was sitting in the garden next to an apple tree, relaxing in a sunny day and contemplating life. Suddenly, his sight caught a red appealing apple just a little bit away of his full length hand. The red apple image resided in his memory as a tasty good food poppped up to his head, and without even making a conscious decision, some chemical reaction took place in his brain according to the data at hand, and a neural signal got transmitted to his body to move slightly so that his hand can pick up that apple. Unlike Newton who discovered the law of gravity when an apple hit the ground infront of him, Fadi, starting forming a perception of how this world works – as if we, human beings, being destined with no real choices.

To him, his brain tried to reason his moves to eat that apple. He has a sight sense that he never chose. He had this taste sense he never picked. His taste sense labelled the taste of a red apple to be good and saved it in his memory that he didn’t pick either. His memory still works fine, and it was easy for him to remember that apples taste good, otherwise, it would have taken him much more time to decide whether to pick that apple and eat it or not.

Now that he finished his apple, he looked at the horizon and asked himself: how decisions are really made? Reading some scientific stuff before, and remembering how scientists explain that the triggering of neural signals is a result of a chemical reactions in brain. Remembering his chemistry class, and the nature of chemical reactions, he tried to figure out the left hand side of the equation of the reaction which took place in order for him to decide to pick that apple. i e. He tried to list all the factors that helped getting to this result.

While examining the factors, he realized that each single one of them was a result of a previous reaction and each previous reaction was a result of another previous one. It is a chain of reactions that goes back to what scientists call now the big bang.

From some memory rooms in his head, he remembered that there is a scientific law for conservation of energy, it says: Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. His brain cells worked, and he concluded that if the world is one entity, then there should be no energy coming in or going out of this world, and thus if God and souls exists, they are either energy that are part of this world, or a spiritual beings that has no effect on this world.

Maybe God have planned and set it all, and now the movie is running. Our souls are the eyes of God that witnesses how our lives are going. Everything is set and done since the dawn of time, the chain reaction is going, and we are witnessing where it is heading.

Fadi, amused by his conclusion, he wanted to share it with other people he knows. He knew that they wouldn’t like the idea of them realizing not having the power to really decide what goes on in their lives. He knew that they would say that if that is, then it is okay for us to go lazy, and it is okay for us to kill and steal because we are destined to do it.

He stops for a moment, then tell them, no dears, you are not destined for that. Each one of you is destined for a certain thing, and life will unfold that for him. Just open your eyes and observe it coming.

21 thoughts on “Fadi contemplating destiny

  1. Here’s a cool thingIf we really wanted to create apple pie from scratch, we have to create the universe first!PS, barely know what’s going on in our universe and few fractions of a second after the big bang. Before that and beyond our universe we have no idea. Our physics don’t apply there, and presumably don’t apply to god


  2. Qwiader, yes, that is a cool thought, and according what we have so far of in terms of physics theories. Maybe if the inputs changes, and physics laws changed, then we would end up with a different conclusion.I agree that we barely know what’s going on in our universe, but that is what we know so far, right?


  3. Zayed Hussaen says:

    Einstein raised a question once. He said, if we are all destined, and life is all predetermined, then we should not execute a murderer for he was destined to commit his act. Neo, in the Matrix said, :”I don’t like the feeling that someone else is in control of my life.” The theories go on and on, in a kind of predestined cycle of unlimited debate. At some point, simple things like when and where you are born also fit in the equation. And no one can debate wheather you had a choice in that. However, we should agree that the basis of this argument is of course: Weather our “actions” are fate or free will.I will not go into the makings or the physics of the universe since I’m no scientist nor do I pretend to have any of such knowledge. However, I don’t believe there is a god that has pre-decided your fate or programmed you into living in a certain way. It is just a way of assigning someone (in this case “something” else) for your bad luck or good fortune.It’s our life and these are our actions, no one else’s. But if a piano falls on you while walking on the side of the street, well, hey, what can you do about it? You were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time!🙂


  4. Zayed hussaen, we are most probably destined, and it doesnt require a God! Maybe our destiny is just a random natural behaviour, and it may well be some God’s plan to each and everyone of us. Our life and our actions are all pre-determined, that is why I never regret something that happnes. I may feel sad about it, but I know that if I wanted, I would have never been able to change a thing. I just give myself up to the flow of life and pray for the better to come🙂


  5. how can you have destiny without god ? how can it be a random natural event if it is already known what you are going to do? either way we might be arguing for a bit here thats why i opted for questions instead of what i think … ps. not knowing doesn’t mean that we will never know, and first cause determinism is a foot note in the whole field so you don’t really need to create the universe if you wanna make an apple pie …


  6. no_angel, how can we have destiny without God? it is as simple as how we can have the world without a God? It just exists where things just happen in a chain progress where every reaction is a result of a previous action. How can you make an apple pie without creating the universe first?🙂


  7. nope obs. destiny means that regardless of the choices you make in life you will end up with a predetermined conclusion of ur life, for instance its a humans destiny to die in the classical sense of the word. destiny is a word tied closely to the all knowing nature ascribed to god. what you are suggesting is the potential not the end result. who said that you had to create an edible pie in the first place ? so whats the use of a universe if its not physical ?


  8. no_angel, I m not sure that I got your point clearly. What I meant that there is no real choices, and what you are going to do, is surely pre-determind based on the chain of connected events since the start of this universe till this point of time. If there is a super computer that can calculate every single reaction at atomic level then it can surly predict what is coming next. That super computer, if exists, can be God himself, and thus he can tell the future, if it doesnt exist, then no one can know the future. But it is there, if you can calculate it.


  9. obs What am saying is that what your saying can only stretch so far. am arguing from relative self determinism, in the sense that we have the ability to make our own choices based on our placement in space and time. and those choices are not necessarily useful or have any origin. mainly what am saying is the realm of thought can be relatively removed from determinism. as for god when u bring him into the argument in that sense you can’t ignore the fact that he is always ascribed attributes that further complicate the issue at hand so you can’t really compare him to a computer. Also on the other hand first cause determinism is only limiting and when you get into that issue of everything is a just a chain of cause and effect since the big bang you will have to dabble into quantum mechanics. and quantum mechanics by its nature is probabilistic rather than deterministic. so while you have the potential to be something you don’t necessarily reach that based on your destiny. so even if you built a computer to do what you said i would venture out of my way it will provide you with a probability of where you might end up rather than an absolute answer😉


  10. no_angel, but what are thoughts except of electrical brain impulses that if is doesnt have any super natural origin aka soul, do purely abide to our natural world and physical world?Relative self determinism is not independent of the flow of the chain of events reactions that one can count at atomic level.If God is a super computer who can count all of those atomic reactions since the dawn of time, then he can presicely predict the future with no probability what’s so ever.The whole theory is based on what we have at hand. If the whole big bang and conservation of energy theoreis proved to be invalid along with some other new elements, then it would be a different discussion.


  11. “and quantum mechanics by its nature is probabilistic rather than deterministic” – Probability is – as I like to call it – The science of lack of science.They form probabilistic models to estimate things that we cannot calculate. Have you heard of the < HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_variable" REL="nofollow">Hidden-Variable hypothesis<>? In short, its is a hypothesis that Quantum Mechanics is still not a complete science, and that there are still things that need to be discovered that should solve the inclusion of probabilistic functions in Quantum Mechanics.Thats only a hypothesis, but history has shown us that incomprehensible parts of an equation are going to be solved by future generations.


  12. <>observer<> yes i was alluding to the soul there since u suggested god😉 both are unprovable btw … <>The whole theory is based on what we have at hand. If the whole big bang and conservation of energy theoreis proved to be invalid along with some other new elements, then it would be a different discussion.<> exactly my sentiments, all of the underlying quantuam mechanics and physics would have to be incorrect representation of the universe for what you are saying to be true. that is all that i wanted to say. <>devil<> yeah i know the hidden variable theory, which is Einstein’s rationale for his famous saying of “I am convinced God does not play dice” but currently it is dismissed by scientist for the lack of proof and they are more inclined for the idea of parallel universes. just read the least paragraph of ur link. there is always a chance for a total demolishing of quantum physics but i would think it’s slim at this point. am not arguing for idealistic freewill, am just arguing that some freewill does exist on an individualistic level. thats why i see it as more of a probability rather than an absolute answer. check out decoherence for an alternative.


  13. no_angel, I meant it the other way around. How does quantom mechanics contradict with being destined? I have read once that quantom mechanics can be another way for describing phyics laws on tiny level. It doesnt contradict the law of conservating energy and matter. I m interested in knowing more about the idea of parallel universes. Would you mind try to simplify it and post it at your blog (if you have time for it)?


  14. Well, I don’t think that the probabilistic model of Quantum theory gives us “freewill”…. If it were not determinism, it would be “random-will” not freewill.But again, I still would think that future generations will have something better than the probabilistic models.


  15. observer and devil i’ll try to sum up what i think of all of this in a post soon trying to explain what i understand so far, for i can’t anticipate what i might know in the future hope we can carry on the discussion from there😉ENJOY!


  16. Fadi, I think that destiny is simply an outline of your life. Sometimes you stray from this outline and do things that you were not meant to be doing in the first place, and so you would probably feel unhappy at that point. So, what I am trying to say is that you could change destiny with your “actions”. If your actions were “evil” then you would go astray from your destined path and end up miserable in one way or another. You could also change it for the better if you were a good person with good inentions. Anywho, my whole explanation might seem outlandish to you, but this is how I view destiny.


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