You are beautiful

Sometimes, at a very rare sweet moments, I feel that weird feeling of a great love of humanity and people around me. There is a sense of bond, a familiarity, and a belonging that give a feeling of safety that diminishes any lonliness thoughts.

At moments of sanity and calmness I feel a great desire to become a healer. The divine love, and in contradiction with my faithless nature, manifests itself in my soul. I personify Jesus Christ. I personify his nature and his love to humanity. Whether it is a higher state of serneity or a divine impulses it doesn’t matter.

It just opens my eyes, and my lips – as well -, in a beautiful painting that reflects what human faces meant to embrace. It makes me want to reach out. To touch others souls and bodies. To ease their pain and struggle with passion and love.

Somtimes I wish that I have a magic wand. One that I can use to free struggling souls. One that can remove the madness and restore joy and happiness.

Humans are beautiful. Whether it is their eyes, forehead, hair and cheeks, whether it is their movements, face expressions, and temper. Or maybe you can add their reasoning and competitveness nature.

It is all cute… to an observer… who sits in silence and enjoy the beauty of you


It is natural?

There is a wide agreement among us to consider nature a good thing and thus when we want to compliment something, we say it is natural as of giving it more credit. On the other hand, when we want to condemn something we accuse it of being unnatural. In both cases, we usually don’t have a precise definition of what natural really is which leaves us basing our logical argument in a false assumption.

Lets first check out what wikipedia defines nature:

Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the natural world, or the environment, physical universe, material world or material universe. “Nature” refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general.
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The phenomena of the physical world” Does this mean nature is everything contained in the physical world? and as a result we can define natural to be anything derived from this physical world?

In the general mean of the term natural, any complicated intelligent creation of human beings are excluded. For instance, it is awkward to say that a car is a natural product. Although if you go back to the definition, a car is a production of the minds of human beings. Human beings are a product of nature, and the materials used in building the car, while being not directly manufactured by nature, it is part of the physical world and result of its interactions.

Nature has done an amazing job. Eventhough it took a *very* long time, but it is kind of miraculous to produce such complicated creatures – aka human beings – starting from a couple of lifeless atoms. One might look at the wonderment of this world thinking that with such strength of nature, its products must be perfect.

The truth is: Nature is FAR from perfect. Human organs for example, and while being quite robust, is subjected to getting worn out with time. The process of production is not well controlled. While it is nicely codified by genes, it still produces much defects where a lot of people are still born with genetic based diseases.

The other day on MBC channel, they broadcasted a show about the development of the fetus of human beings. The nature survival order seems to work even in the human womb. It seems that twins phenomena isn’t as rare as we think it is. In the womb it is more probable for two fetuses or more to develop where all fight for resources while ending up with one – who were able to get the best of resources to survive.

There is a lot of waste in the natural production process. Natural quality control seems to take a backseat for the sake of quantity. Although with time, Nature learns how to improve and correct itself, we are still subjected to deal with such defects.

So next time you want to condemn a left handy, alcoholic, disabled, or a mentally diseased person. Take a moment to think and re-evaluate your judgement. You may have been lucky to get your parts done right, but you may have also still unaware of a certain defects that will reveal itself to you with time.

Nature is good, but not as perfect as we like to believe.

Haya: On homosexuality

So now people start asking about me!
I bet The Observer is dying of envy
I am gaining the hearts of his fans
Maybe most except no-angel!
I have no idea what is his problem with me?!!
and I don’t care to know!
It is not like I am going to marry him!
hehehe, speaking of marriage
I got a marriage proposal (Thank you Hani)
(Roba isn’t the only one who met her fiancé through blogging)
But he doesn’t seem to be serious as he ran away the minute I asked him to meet my parents!

(Hi Tammer, Hi Hamza)

What is all this fuzz about homosexuals?
Why don’t you people leave them alone?!
Live and let live
and on your way out leave us alone
as of WOMEN!

No seriously we are no better of than homosexuals in this society
We are just more prominent
because of our boobs!

I have always wondered
How did we end up so messed up like this?!
How did society reach this place?
Everyone cherish nature but no one is ready to respect its basic rules
Maybe it is because those rules only suit the straight man
Whom dominated us for ages! (crying now)

Check how ironic is this
The other day at work
I had a phone call from my boyfriend at work
(okay guys, I let it out – I have a BF, sorry!)
and I had to talk to him as if he is a girl!
Just so that my co-workers don’t know that I am in a relationship
so that they won’t look down at me as of being immoral!
At the same instance
My closeted gay friend
Got a phone call from his boyfriend
(yeah I have a gay friend as well)
and guess what?!
He talked to him as if he is a girl too!
I am telling you
Our society is so messed up!

Although I have no problem with gay men
I have to admit
I feel disgust of lesbians
(Now The Observer would frown)
It is cute to see two men in love
but two women?! NO NO
Hamza, don’t you dare go there
I know you guys love fantasying two women having sex

You know what?
The most man that a woman can feel safe being around
is her gay friend
It is weird how nature works
It is like it stripped from them their sexual attraction towards women
but yet
kept their male protection instinct
Don’t ask me how!

As for the anonymous who seems to hate The Observer for defending gays
I bet that he has either been sexually abused in his childhood
and thus connecting Pedophility with Homosexuality
He is homosexual himself
and don’t feel at ease with his same sex attraction
Either way, he carries a lot of anger
That is why I advise him to see a phsycologist

Ammon’s article on Homosexual’s

My anonymous hatred blog reader who pops up at my blog from time to time in order to drop a comment here or there that has nothing to do with the current post at hand seems very entertained by Ammon’s article on Homosexual’s claimed failed summit in Jordan where he couldn’t hold himself from posting the link to that article by a “HA HA HA – Try again” comment! As if I am the person preparing for that claimed summit – which is a big lie itself invented by the minds of the so called Jordan Fact and Islamouna Online.

While I am entertaining my anonymous blog fan by starting this post speaking of him (I didn’t mention that he also sent me a you tube video saying that Jesus was gay!), I am more concern with the professionalism of Ammon’s site and the ignorance of that article along with people’s reaction from their comments below it.

(KJ – No I am not calling for censorship)

I just like to highlight the mistakes Jordan Fact committed in that article:

1. Can they provide any proof about the claimed gay summit that was intended to be held at the election day in Jordan? Yes, there seem to be planned to issue an electronic gay magazine by a bunch of young men, but it never reached to the level of having a gay summit! And why would gay people in Jordan wait till the election day in order to hold their summit? Isn’t that a stupid claim to rationalize that of having government officials busy in the elections? or It is an IAF stunt to link the whole fabricated issue to the elections in order to paint themselves of being the party defending morals in Jordan in order to gain more votes.

2. At first I was appalled by the medical testimony they provided in order to give a legitimate claim to their case especially the opinion of the Dr. Abed AL Hameed Al Qodat, but then I assumed that they most probably lied about it the same way they lied about what Batir Wardam said in a cynical comment about their post.

They took it out of contest and re-publish it in a way that has nothing to do with what Batir wanted to say. He had to comment again and clear his stand.

The testimony they provide from medical doctors and physiological counselors is very disturbing, not just because it shows their backward scientific knowledge but also because it shows a big ignorance of the difference between a sexual orientation and a sexual identity where they don’t even differentiate between a homosexual and a transgender.

3. They claim that homosexuality is a new phenomenon to our conservative society where in fact there is a lot of classical Arabic literature that contains testimony of homosexuality in the Arab world. I recommend a book named “Unspeakable Love” by Brian Whitaker for my blog readers in order to get a better insight about Gays and Lesbians life in the middles east. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I am telling you, it is very insightful and a real eye opener.

4. It is funny how when we realized a moral shortage in a specific virtue in a person, we tend to group all of other possible immoral acts and associate it with the person.

From the commentators of that article, people seem to associate Homosexuality with drug addiction and Satanism! That is completely absurd. They build their judgment on the assumption that Homosexuals are morally corrupted people, ignoring the fact that there are a lot of Muslim homosexuals that try to find a common ground between their religion and sexuality.

5. It is also funny as well of how people try to rationalize the cause of homosexuality without pushing themselves to search for a legitimate source of information. Some of them blame it on the west, others play the conspiracy theory card of being an Israeli plan to corrupt our youth, others claim that it is richness; others say it is the segregation between sexes at school. Some believe it is cause by children getting sexually abused and others blame the missing role of a strong father figure.

They all failed to check out the scientific stand of the issue where there is no clear answer of the cause of homosexuality yet although there are some indications of a genetic linkage.

6. We are the masters of solutions! Even though The American Psychology Association (APA) says firmly that Sexual re-orientation is impossible, our so claimed Drs and commentators at the article claim that gay Jordanian men should be provided with a physiological treatment in order to change their behavior. They point out “Repetitive Behavior” treatment as a solution where the APS stands firmly against it because it results in a serious other physiological problems to the patient at hand without helping changing his sexual orientation.

I totally understand the Islam stand against homosexuality and while some people might mis-interpret religious versus, people have every right to not accept certain behavior based on their religious views, but what I can’t tolerate is trying to reason their belief with lies that has nothing to do with reality.

That ugly b@tch

Haya is talking…

Marriage, marriage, marriage
It is the only song that keeps running in my mind
or actually seems to be running in the minds of
Especially my MOM
and my grandma
and my friends
and relatives
and aquintances
Even that bitch who used to be my classmate
(the ugliest among that class/school)
Whom, and I CANT yet comprehend how
Got married

Now that what I call a miracle!
(It revived my faith in God – lol)
But seriously, how the hell did that happen?
He is blind! He MUST be

What makes it worse is that smirky look on her face!
and her barbie-like acting!
like she is Haifa Wahbeh (she is more of Ruby)
Allah yer7am jeddek
and those ugly spots on your face
that I used to feel nauseous everytime my sight lay on it

Now she gives me that sympathy look
“Oh Haya dear, nothing happened with you yet?!”
I know that question very well
and I know what her *nothing* means

Yes, nothing happened yet!
I am still single
Sue me!

Who cares if Sarah, May and Ola got married?!
They rushed into marriage to men they don’t love
I know they claim they do
but what the heck!
May met Omar a month before their marriage
Sarah got married to her distanced relative who lives abroad
and Ola mmmmmm

Fine she was in a relationship with her husband since school time
but so what! If she is wise, she would have ended it long time ago
They broke up 1000 time
and he once slapped her infront of everybody at the college canvas
and whenever he used to see her wearing something a bit revealing
He used to get mad and drag her by her hair to her home to change

I am telling you
The won’t last
Unless she stays his doormat!
but why do I care,
God bless them (they are my friends!)

But that ugly bitch
She walks like a duck with her belly!
“It is a baby boy. Samer and I can’t wait to deliver it”
“3o2balek” (wish you the same one day)
The bitch is acting superior to me
I just hope she won’t freak when that monster inside of her comes out
I am not being mean
but seriously, he carries her and Samer’s genes! Dah!
How would he turns out to be?

Ops , I wanted to talk about my Mom’s nagging
and I ended up talking abou that @SS
Anyway, I will leave that to another rambling

There is much to talk about marriage zefttiaage