Fares Karam success reflects the sexist-homophobic Arabic society

Because ART usually reflect societies’ culture. And because Arabian -so called- ART is picking up due to the media technology revolution that hit the Arab world along with the strong competition of satellite channels. And because we – the Arab men – are still living in an era where a man’s masculinity is measured by his dominance over what ever physically less powerful than him – (especially women in his life). Media projects such as the syrian famous TV series “Bab Al Hara” (Door of the Alley) and Fares Karam’s latest song “Neswanji” (Womanizer) found a huge success.

While Bab Al Hara emphasized on the masculinity of men and their dominance over their wives without addressing their sexuality the same way Najeeb Mahfooth addressed it in his Novel Aser Al Shook (Castle of Passion), Fares Karam in the other hand declared himself being a womanizer at a time men physical power lost it appeal.

What is ironic that no one of the so called immoral wave of young female lebanese singers – even Haifa Wahbeh – dared to go out in Public and declare her love for men the same way Fares Karam did.

The man in his first hit “elle be’asser Tannora” (The one shortening her skirt) flirted with women and the effect of their revealing clothes on him. People clapped to him for expressing men sexual feelings when they encounter a woman with some revealing clothes in a society which believes that more clothes on women is better, and at a time some women are breaking the rules and wearing less and less.

He then emphasized his sexuality and declared proudly that he is a womanizer. An accusation that would label a woman as a total bitch if she ever hinted to have such feelings towards men. They are being called bitches for only wearing less clothes, what would you expect if they emphasized on their ignored sexuality the same way Fares Karam did?

Fares Karam didn’t just declare his pride in being a womanizer. He even went as far as cursing those who don’t love women. He put it in a way to emphasize his love for women, as if he can’t believe that there can be anything in this world who can stand the beauty of women without falling in love with them (implicitly saying won’t have sex with them).

I am not sure whether Fares Karam meant to curse Gay men for not loving women sexually or not, but obviously Gay men are offended(check out Mohammad’s blog) and are cursing him back.

Fares says in his song “Elle ma beheb el neswan alla yeb3atlo 3elleh” (Those who don’t love women, God curse them)

Gay men respond by saying “Allah yeb3atlak 3elleh ya Faris” (God curse you Fares).

18 thoughts on “Fares Karam success reflects the sexist-homophobic Arabic society

  1. lol..Man, its just another song that you’d dance on it, similar to “illi bit2aser tanoora” that he sings and people including women dance the dabkeh on.Take it easy. you are saying that I should be offended every timeI hear “sababeen il shay” for elaine khalaf where she says “illi mabye3sha2 wi byeshar la shu balla 7ayato”…come ooon.


  2. Nahid says:

    is this a joke? we have poverty, invasion, repression, corruption, domestic violence, but you are worried about our society’s acceptance of a sexual lifestyle? arrrghhhh. sometimes i think western educated arabs are floating in la la land.


  3. I’m not really into arabic music so I watched this video on youtube when I read your article and I just thought “nasty nasty nasty,”However, I don’t think he’s homophobic because of that song, it’s probably something he didn’t have in mind


  4. hamza, I am taking it easy man. This post is just an observation of mine that highlights how successful art works reflects the mentality of the Arab world.Actually Elain khalaf’s song is more of an encouragement for people to enjoy their lives, but Fares Karam’s song has emphasizes on sexualizing women.Nahid, and I sometimes look at people here and figure out directly how sexually frustrated are they! They can’t even enjoy life!Asoom, heheeh, you think it is nasty?🙂. It is very popular here, and as Hamza said, everyone dances on it!Maybe you are right and he didnt had it in mind to be homophobic, but he says it clearly (elle ma bye3sha2 el neswan allah yeb3atlo 3elleh!)


  5. what is this song ? and how it can reflect anything ?? and “allah yeb3atlo 3elleh” is not God curse you … not at all … it literally translates to “May God send you ana malady” … which i think is different … you are overreacting … it was just a catch phrase … as much as you say “to2bornee” … dont be over-sensitive about it !


  6. Isam, forget about the gay comment, I myself said I am not sure whether he meant it or not, although it sounds like that, I was just pointing out what Mohammad wrote on his blog. But dont you think that Fares Karam is declaring himself a male bitch by saying he is a womanizer? or is it just okay for men to do so while not for women?And I disagree, allah yeb3atlo 3elleh is a kind of asking God to curse him. A sickeness is a kind of cure.


  7. KJ says:

    I don’t know how to properly respond to this, but if you want to call it ART then you can’t really judge. ART is made as a manifestation of a person’s thoughts and feelings and it will be offending to some and not to others.If you don’t consider it as ART but rather just a generic song, then it is just that, a generic song.I mean, why bash Fares Karam’s “homophobic” song when you have a long list of western R&B singers and songs that talk about women’s body’s and candy and sex and genital size?It is all part of the “freedom of speech”, right?😉


  8. kj, right. And it is my right as we to critisize it. It doesnt just sound homophobic as you all concentrated on, but it is sexist as well. I didnt talk about other western songs because I havent heard themAnd yes, it is art.


  9. This song, and that “eli bit2aser tanoora” are pretty much tasteless songs. I fail to see how people really enjoy such songs… Those songs are simply stereotyping men\women, and guess it can be viewed as loathsome by both sexes!!


  10. KJ says:

    Observer – But art is a form of free speech and I thought you’re all in for free speech… unless the free speech is from certain viewpoints only?Devil’s Mind – Yes indeed, it is a tasteless song, among most of the new generations of Arabic and Western music as well. It is a noticeable shift in quality, but there are some people who like to listen to classic music, instrumentals, oldies and the other “real” stuff. Each to his/her own I guess! As a note, I’m a retro and instrumental person but I do enjoy some new generation stupidity every now and then


  11. DM, I dont know, I find it a bit entertaining😛. It is good to dance at! lolKJ, yes, I agree with you. It is a form of freedom of speech. I didn’t call anyone to ban Fares karam or stop him from singing. Everyone has the right to speak up his mind. I stand firm behind my support for freedom of speech. Freedom of speech doesnt entail not to critisize other! I am practicing my right of critisizing what I disagree with.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Take it easy damn its just a song I love Fares and I am a woman. Fares songs are the best for when doing debkeh you forgot about all the good things Fares does/sings and you just mentioned the bad.


  13. Anonymous says:

    The lyrics in Fares Karam’s song, like the comments I have been reading to this post, find it perfectly acceptable to pre-suppose that everyone hearing the song is heterosexual and that any man who does does not love women should be marginalized and ‘cursed.’ Maybe this is a well known expression but isn’t it time we re-examined how some of our Arabic expressions can be sexist and homophobic?


  14. Anonymous says:

    Dear Nahid:1. We should all fight against poverty, repression and the important issues you mention AS WELL AS the right for different sexual orientations to exist freely in Arab societies (they do exist anyway but are so hated that many lead miserable lives).2. Why do you assume that any fight for equal rights must be Western-based? There are many, many Arab writers who have never been in the West and who still defend the right of marginalized sexualities in the Arab world. It is my hope that you take the compassion you have for important causes like poverty and extend it to help gay people in the Arab world who are being beaten, ridiculed, and sometimes put to death for being themselves.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Fares you are the sexiest man alive i love you and i love your songs ..your song are the best songs that have a meaning i can hear it every day ..and let me tell you something i am hot sexy with green eyes and a blond hair and every time i hear a new song for Fares it feels that he is singing it for me , he loves woman good for him and we love him back


  16. Anonymous says:

    are you freaking serious right now!!! wow…ok umm as a arabic woman im thinking over sea’s they dont believe in gays so it has nothing to do with gays hes just saying who ever doesnt like woman gos send them a illness or be cursed whatever im not lebanese im pali.. but are you really that gay to take that offensive ..whats going on with our arabic men there slacking off..damn he wrote a whole page on fares karam which i love him just because of one song… i have 3 words for you GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!! and fast


  17. Anonymous says:

    hhahahahah thats funny and so right! im a pali too!! but shes right you do need a life who has the time to make a website about fares karam and i do love him too!! gays are funny!!


  18. Adam says:

    I love how people love to criticize us arabs, dude if your calling this is our form of art and it reflects the mentality of our society then you should really do one on american music its all about sex and the thug life lmao, don’t try to throw in the country music because the majority listens to rap and imitate it. Thats how the american media brain washes young adults. Don’t even get me started on punk or hard rock. You wouldn’t understand arabs even if you tried and you and people like you will never see the good things about us because you have it set in your mind that arabs/ muslims are all bad, just like how most arabs hate alll jews. Total ignorance.


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