Boycott places with cover charge

I understand that Jordanian cafes and Pubs have to make profit of their business, but lately and especially in Ramadan they are becoming more greedy. They are using the social wake up of people in Ramadan because of the shorter work hours to gain more money by subjecting us to pay cover charge for no real extra value.

I am fed up of having to pay 10+ JD for a single cup of coffee. No more places of cover charge for me unless they really provide a real value for the money.



  1. WOW! is the cover charge that much!!! The last ramadan I spent in jordan, this was in irbid, was like 7 years ago and the cover charges were 1/2 JD, and they’re not necessary making up for losing money because some of these places (from what I remember) only opened in the evenings on the weekdays anyway.


  2. welll do as i do fadi dont go out that much and have ramadan time for family and frends heek , not only ramadan but normal days as well … no need to play extra money to enjoy ur time with who u like to be with… .going out in amman these days is very expencive … id have my tea with na3na3 and thats it :))i guess my khalili Genes are talken :p Murad


  3. Is it similar to sales tax that we pay here all the time?? We are charged 7% on taxable items everytime we make a purchase and it differs from one state to another..Just out of curiosity, 10JD is how many dollars??


  4. Well, I assume you’re talking about cofeeshops. As for me, making Argeeleh in the comfort of your own home and inviting friends over is best thing to do… The only problem is if this includes girl who are not comfortable coming over, otherwise its better… No cover charges, no closed place full of smoke, you don’t feel stuck because if you move you’ll hit the table of people sitting next to yours, no “Masri” coming to you every second asking: “Tishrab 7aga?” (Wanna drink something?)…. Its countless ups!!


  5. Most places wont ask you for a covering charge if you’re a regular advice is to find a good place and stick to it, my favourite place is Jood cafe in Sweifiyeh, they never asked for a covering charge even during World Cup.


  6. Haitham, it is indeed!Asoom, yes it is that much! I dont know about Irbid but this is what is happening in Amman. I am sure they are making a lot of money out of it.Anonymous, they are mostly filled by Jordanians!Murad, shoo ya khalili! :P. I am used to going out daily! No I try to find cheaper options 🙂Noura, Yazan answered you. We pay 26% tax in what we order in addition to 5 JD (7$) cover charge as we enter the place!Yazan, thx for answering Noura.Rambling Hal, 3njd! Hate them!DM, it is nice to have your friends home, but it isnt always convenient when you family around. We would annoy them. I hate crowded places as well!Moey, maybe we can spread the word of boycott and try to boycott these places outselves so that to deliver this message?Jad, that is not true, unless you are a friend with the owner! Maybe Jood is a special case 🙂


  7. yeah, in general i agree, and as many said (in their comments), you posted about a problem, and alternatives are there, but still what you suggest pose a threat to them, which i like more than just having an alternative,like staying home, or going to other cafes.thnx for the post


  8. for me what really takes the cake this year is the mandatory donation that some places have so you end up with 10% service 16% sales 5jd Cover charge (getting something for that beyond balila and some fool is rare)1-2 jd donation so that means that we not only have to invite somebody from the goverment to come join, we now have the shop owner 😀 it just became really incredulous to pay 10-15 JDS for having a cup of tea or coffee


  9. Eyad, you are right. They are becoming so greedy, and every other cafe is picking on this trend! It only leaves us with few options!Kj, 🙂Isam, yeah reasonable min charge is a better alternative!No_angel, you forgot the 1 jd for the valet parking! lol


  10. you are correct! I’m sick of paying also, last night me and 5 friends of mine went to a restaurant/cafe, all of us had tea and some got argeeleh, we paid3 20 JDs each!! can you imagine??? its unbelievable….. if they want to do this all Jordanians need a big RAISE in their monthly pay in my opinion!


  11. I join you in your cause brother. I only go to places that has cover charges if its a cover charge per table. and I make sure I bring at least 8 people on a table. :P. Waiters would go nuts. lol


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