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Is there a law against forcination in Jordan?!

While I am glad to hear that the police have caught the parents of the baby that was found in a trash can and subjected them to prosecution, and while I find it is fair to prosecuting them for endangering this little baby’s life, it came to my surprise to know that they are also prosecuting them for forcination.

I haven’t realized before that we have a law against forcination. I know that Islam and Christianinty forbade it, but I didn’t know that the Jordanian law punish people for having sex outside marriage boundaries. I used to know that sex between any consenual adults is not punishable by Jordanian law if it happened in private premises, now it seems that I was wrong. Does anyone have better information on this matter?

Does that mean that any two adults that are married and had sex would risk going to jail? What if I never decided to get married? Do I have to suppress my sexual needs? Is marriage our only relief of our sexual urges? Knowing the expenses of weddings and having one’s own home and family, I think that our youngsters are doomed to miss their best potential sex they can have!

Going back to the case of the two poor parents, who are a victim of their sexual urges and society constraints. What defines sex in the eyes of law? Is it intercourse? How would they prove that those couple had sex? Is it the fruit of their sex, the new born baby? Can they claim that they had an artificial insemination and that they never had sex? Or is it also punishable outside marriage boundaries as well?

Feel your present moment as a memory

Don’t we love memories?

We always tend to remember old days with a bit of longing saying how happy we were back then, while in fact we might have been in a less happy state than we already are now.

It can be explained by knowing that our mind tend to suppress painful situation and thus keeping most of our memories *nice*

How beautiful was our childhood? How beautiful were school days? College days? Old house? Old Neighbourhoud? …etc

Just bringing up memories gives us a sense of happiness

And so

I developed a trick

To feel my present moment as if it is a memory

It is so easy. Just try to project yourself to be in the future while remembering what is happening now. You’ll suddenly feel more love to your present.

There is a magic in living our past. When you can do that at your present moment, you can feel yourself disattached of the river of time of your life span and feel your spirit observing your life unfolding.

Try applying this on this post, as if your are remembering reading this as a distanced memory, and tell me what you think. Does it work for you?

A though/question on poor fasting

If one of the major reason of fasting is to feel with the poor as most religious men argue, then why do poor people fast?

Is it really a religious requirement on the poor like praying?

If not, how poor a person should be in able to get this deal.

and if yes, why do we ask to add more suffering to their lives?

Comments on some Al Rai news articles

Al Rai is the most popular Jordanian daily news paper, who has been leading the news papers Jordanian market for over 30 years, and is always considered to be the voice of the government and its policies advocate.

With such years of experience and spread in the Jordan Market, one would expect a high level of professionalism. Unfortunately, lately I have noticed two stupid mistakes that one shouldn’t expect to happen in such newspaper.

1. Before yesterday, they had this article about American summer movies with a title “150 movies are ready for the American summer season”. At first, I thought that title is weird as we are nearly at the end of the summer, but I told myself that it is probably a review about summer movies, and so I started reading. Slowly I started to realize that this must be a year old article. First they talked about Mission Impossible 3, then superman return which kept me a bit skeptical, but when I read Da Vinci Code! I was sure that this is a mistake!

2. A week or 2 ago, I came across an article criticizing the effect of video games on the children of Zarqa. It grabbed my attention to read not just because I am a big fan of video games but also because the title was something like “Spread of the Atari games in Zarqa is causing many problems”!

ATARI??!? It is either the article is written 20+ years ago and is republished, or it is the writer who is still living in 1985! It is common to call Video games with the major console currently dominating the sales. Some say lets play Nintendo, others lets play play station, and before yes, it was lets play Atari as it dominated the market back in the early 80s, but after 20 years, and now with them being out of the hardware market, is it appropriate for a professional writer in the leading Jordanian newspaper to mention Atari as a synonyms of video games??!

Fahed AL Fanek 9/11 article
I usually love reading Dr. Fahed Al Fanek economic article. He usually pushes in defense of raising the government hand of supporting certain elementary items that helps in keeping prices lower while putting much strain on the government yearly budget. He always gives logical reasons, like we are supporting items that goes to everyone whether he worth the support or not, and whether he is a Jordanian citizen or not, which is true somehow. In other times he highlights the problems of the budget and how keeping on expanding its shortage would cause a bigger damage to our economy. He gives an example of a patient that has to take a bitter medicine or else would die as a mean of telling us that it is okay to lower our level of living a bit rather than having it destroyed later on which makes does make sense.

Yesterday he gave an interesting comparison that I don’t agree with. He compared physical occupation with economic domination. He said that we have obtained our physical occupation a long time ago but we are still under economic occupation. He then continued and pointed out how nations are ready to pay with their sons and blood to achieve physical independence, so why not pay a little to achieve our economic independence?

I personally don’t think that achieving economic independence is possible. With the way the world is heading of freeing trade between countries the way Dr. Fahed Al Fanek always calls for. It is impossible for any country to be economically independent of the rest of the world. The USA being one of the largest economies can always play the card of economical sanctions towards a small country like Jordan whether we were able to all our debts or not.

We are only 5% dependent of foreign aid based on the expected budget of next year, and thus we enjoy a respected amount of economic independence that unlikely to get any drastic changes if we raised the prices of fuel as Dr. Fahed calls for.

I would prefer to keep our current living level than lowering it for the sake of achieving economic independence that is impossible.

Speaking of economy and prices:
I really have to wonder why our government has to wait for the King’s orders in order to take actions to prevent current prices inflations.

First it has been the fuel prices; the king came up and asked the government not to raise the prices anymore this year and they obliged.

Yesterday, he also issued them an order to open several public small markets for vegetables and fruits in all of the cities in the country and provide means to help lowering its prices.

While I am happy for such actions, I can’t understand why didn’t the government do it by itself? Why don’t they think of ways to reduce the implications of inflations on our citizens by themselves? Why do they have to wait for orders from the king?

A Deep and a Shallow end

I like being shallow
as much as I like being deep
Both can be enjoyable at different times
although shallow may dominate my life
because it is just how things go

I mean, how would you communicate with people
if you always show your deep side!
You would be building a huge wall around yourself
where only few can understand you

and seriously, isn’t it what matters the most?
Connecting with people?
“Al Janneh men ‘3air nas ma btendas”
(Heaven without people is hell)

So if it is gossips, then BE IT!
I love gossiping!
and talking behind YOUR back
and your back
and y o u r back

As long as it doesn’t reach you
then there is no harm to it
It is just for fun
Actually it serves for better than that
It uncovers what others really think about you
because behind your back, they can be the most honest!
and thus, make us connect
(cause we share a little secret now)
which is talking about you!

Beside gossips,
Sometimes I like being superficial!
Like judging people from what they wear!
Especially their shoeses!
I can’t believe how a bad looking shoes can be annoying to me
:S :S :S
I can’t help it!
I feel nausea wearing untasteful shoes myself!
This superficiality cannot be harmful as well
It is just between me and myself
(and the people I gossip with about your shoes behind your back)
but I would never hurt you
and tell you how much the sight of your shoes annoys me!

Besides that,
I love Elissa, and I like Haifa’s music
I even enjoy Dana Dondon and Jad Chouery!
I love watching the bold and the beautiful
I Love junk food, candies and ice cream!
and I love video games!
and and and

On the other side
I love reading
Especially to Paulo Coelho and Nawal Al Sa’dawi
I enjoy knowledge
I love art
and I adore writing

I enjoy hearing/reading the news
Find politics amusing

I love science
and history

Enjoy geography
and admire philosophy

I love exploring religions
and human pshycology

There is always a pleasure in knowledge that I can only find a match
in food, and in… sex

“Most people are like most swimming pools, have both a deep end and a shallow one”
These are my both ends
and I enjoy them both
connecting with people at my shallow side
and dive with others at my deep one

Macho men!

It is weird what goes on in our streets
I bet that each one of you have witnessed a certain type of incident
Qwaider was amazed of the amount of prostitutes we have in our streets
Kinzi reported twice insane drivers hitting our roads
I, once, posted about women sexual street harassers
that not a single lady in Amman haven’t experience

But it is the first time that I witness
ADULT (yes over 18) men harassing other adult men (over 18 as well)

And it happened in the most classy neighbourhood of Abdoun circle!
Where people supposed to be C I V I L I Z E D
(beside wearing suits and driving mercedes)

To be specified, it was at Gerard
Where me and a friend of mine was having an ice cream
Sitting on the chairs outside while beside us there was 2 young men
and beside them another young men
The 2 men in between looked a bit softer than the *average* man
(so that I don’t say feminine)
(you define average)

They didn’t wear makeup
They didn’t have long hair
They didn’t wear flashy clothes
and they weren’t talking in a girly way

But you can tell that they were soft, in a way where most people percieve gays to be!
and thus, this was the joke of the other *macho* men sitting next to them
I say macho with a mere sarcasm, as they didn’t even look tough either!
They didn’t have big muscles
They didnt have long mustaches
and they weren’t surrounded with women worshipping their musculanity!
They were 2 skinny average 7afartal guys that you can find in Abdoun circle hanging around out of boredom.

*El fadi be3mel adi*
In English, bored people appoint themselves judges on others out of boredom
and so did those macho men!
Like it is a wonder to see feminine men around!
They burst in laughing and giggeling as if they have witnessed a wonder!

and because they are used to harassing females,
they thought that fem-males can be harassed the same way as well!

and because they were really having fun in their discovery,
they wanted to share it with other men around
and so, they looked at me
and winked in a gesture where I can notice what they have discovered!

His eyes where about to pop out, trying to direct mine to check out the 2 feminine men sitting in between!

I laughed at their immaturity,
Gave them the look “Shame on you”
and “Leave them alone”

I guess they didn’t like me
and maybe considered me
a party popper!

Like if I care!

As I was ready to leave,
But really was concerned about the 2 femninie men
who might have been harassed
and may even been beaten up!

Macho men in our streets! Way to go!