Is there a law against forcination in Jordan?!

While I am glad to hear that the police have caught the parents of the baby that was found in a trash can and subjected them to prosecution, and while I find it is fair to prosecuting them for endangering this little baby’s life, it came to my surprise to know that they are also prosecuting them for forcination.

I haven’t realized before that we have a law against forcination. I know that Islam and Christianinty forbade it, but I didn’t know that the Jordanian law punish people for having sex outside marriage boundaries. I used to know that sex between any consenual adults is not punishable by Jordanian law if it happened in private premises, now it seems that I was wrong. Does anyone have better information on this matter?

Does that mean that any two adults that are married and had sex would risk going to jail? What if I never decided to get married? Do I have to suppress my sexual needs? Is marriage our only relief of our sexual urges? Knowing the expenses of weddings and having one’s own home and family, I think that our youngsters are doomed to miss their best potential sex they can have!

Going back to the case of the two poor parents, who are a victim of their sexual urges and society constraints. What defines sex in the eyes of law? Is it intercourse? How would they prove that those couple had sex? Is it the fruit of their sex, the new born baby? Can they claim that they had an artificial insemination and that they never had sex? Or is it also punishable outside marriage boundaries as well?



  1. Everything happens in Jordan huh.I don’t advocate sex outside marriage to begin with, so my opinion will be a bit biased. I also won’t lie and say I haven’t had some sort of non-marital sexual encounters, so I don’t want to be a hypocrite either.But, strictly speaking, non-secular countries will have to adopt laws that correspond to the major religion it adopts. So if Jordan is non-secular then adultery is punishable by law (when discovered of course, no one denies people commit it all the time). If Jordan is secular (which I doubt) then it is free to choose whether or not to punish for adultery by considering other social and economic factors.Regarding your comment on weddings and expenses, this is the result of the modern world where each person is trying to best the other by having bigger and better stuff. It goes out of proportion when it comes to weddings, and everyone wants to make it super so that the minimal number of people can talk bad about it (but there is always something to talk about) and that it is better than everyone else’s.The problem with people not being able to get married and having strong sexual urges is a result from socioeconomic changes and expectations. If everyone would just accept the situation they are in and have people accept that too then we wouldn’t be finding a lot of single men and women having sex behind bushes.


  2. I don’t know what the law in jordan is exactly regarding premarital sex and adultery, I think I can safely saw that it is legally addressed but as for terms and punishments and if it’s even in enforced I don’t know, I tried to do a google search it was too many ed-op articles-no answers.I personally know someone (my good friends sister) who was arrested and did jail time(like 2 weeks) in jordan when she ran away with her boyfriend (the allegation was premarital sex of course no way to prove that) and her parents reported them and from what I understood from her is it has to do whether your parents, or legal guardian, choose for you to be prosecuted and if her mom didn’t report it there wouldn’t have been arrests even if it was known that she ran away or had sex. I’ve never heard of that anywhere else or read that anywhere (about your legal guardian choosing to press charges or not), just from her mouth so I’m not sure if that’s accurate. Of course it should be noted she was 15 and he was like 18ish so maybe the age factor has something to do with the guardian’s decision if what she’s saying is accurate.


  3. In your case Fadi NO, the law is concerned only with sexual relations between men and women .. homosexual actions are not covered yet .. so do not worry baby, get out of the closet and enjoy your life…


  4. if it is consensual sex and the girl is under 18 it is automatically a crime of rape. As far as adultery is concerned from what I remember there has to be a complaint and then proof – so very difficult. Asoom, premarital sex can be proved if the girl has a medical examination after the act or if she has a child, as DNA can prove who the father is (if they can find him!). All these crimes come under the Penal Code which every police officer should carry with him. T


  5. KJ, Jordan is a secular country, I don’t think that it is fair to punish people for adultery if they are two consenual adults. But as you said, we have a problem in society that pushes people to have pre-marital sex. Marriage is not as easy as it should be.Asoom, I think that your friend’s sister is accounatable ot adhere to her guardian because she is only 15! But for adults this shouldnt be the case. I am not sure if there is a ruling against adultery if it is only applied of Muslims in Jordan only or on every body!Anonymous, wenak ya zalameh? I was wondering how long the Joker would disappear! Obviously you havent changed your broken record! Good for you! Keep on entertaining us.Joladies, so if there is a proof, do you have any idea if there is a law against it? Can we do anything to change that law?


  6. This couple are punished because of a law or religion ??Religion is clear about this, no premerital sex,or outside marriage..No sex without marriage,period.. Now, what happens and happening behind closed doors is for Allah to punish and judge ..


  7. I am fairly certain to the fact that jordan is not a secular legal system, hence the penal code is drawn based upon the shiri’a (shari3a). so based on that, adultery is punishable in case there is more than 2 credible witness to the act(according to what i recall of shari’a), or in the case of females a relative that files the complaint.Since the focus is on females the proof could be simple, a medical exam should figure it out (yes even including all the things that occur to u, prob except fellatio) Although these laws are rarely enforced on males as far as i know (even if they are caught in the act, i.e. a brothel)


  8. First and foremost adultery is incorrectly used word for all intents and purposes relative to this case. Adultery is a sexual relation between married couple outside the traditional marriage life. The correct word is fornication. Secondly, I think if they are going to be prosecuted they will be prosecuted for infant endangerment & abandonment and not for their illicit tryst.


  9. bam bam,I’m a little bewildered by your comment above -how do you attribute fellatio to the woman and brothel to the man?! Is it not supposed to be the other way around.If we are going to take your explanation at face value, it would have to be cunnilingus for the woman & fellatio for the man.


  10. Noura, by the law I think. That is what was written in the news paper!Bambam, they have the baby as a witness for their sexual act! So there is a proof. The question is should they be punished for that or not?Hatem abunimeh, thanks for the correction, yes fornication is a better word for their act. I don’t think that the law should punish people for that!


  11. Hatem simply … you misunderstood what i was saying, with fellatio it was referring to acts that can be uncovered with medical examination. and as for brothel well i was giving the extreme case of being caught in the act, which is at a brothel for a man since thats about as incriminating as it could get. I think a lil common sense would have averted this explanation.<>observer<> It would be really sad of they are prosecuted primarily for illicit behavior(which is what the headline for the article suggests) rather than criminal neglect


  12. Anyone know what the Jordanian laws are regarding adultety between MARRIED English Christian male and (divorced) Muslim Woman in Jordan ?


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