*Update: Vote for your favourite Jordanian female blogger!

** Update:
Sorry guys, I have removed the poll. It was a bad move of me to imitate Qwaider. It is unlike me. I feel a bit disoriented now. Will be back with better topics inshallah. NO MORE POLLS on this blog.

Qwaider, I apologize for ruining it to you. Please carry on with the voting please, you still can do it after you finish with the males voting. I know that you are better than me in this.

Female blogger contestents, sorry for cut it off. You are all winners for me. Each one of you is a star on her own. You make the sky of our blogsphere shine. Wish you all the best.


Now that Qwaider has a contest on his blog for the favourite Jordanian male blogger where he left females out of it this time, and because not only that I am a great supporter for women rights, but also because it seems that all of the blogshpere are focusing on Qwaider’s blog because of the competition where there seem no way to attract them back except with a similar poll! lol

In addition to that, we have some really excellent women bloggers. Most of them have a sense of compassion, tenderness and style in their writings that you don’t find in their male counterparts.

I know that you would find a hard time picking in between those big blogger names.

Good luck

Am I really after Controversy?

The Arab Observer have made it to be in the list of Qwaider for voting for your favourite male Jordanian blogger, but unfortunatly, it didn’t really compete well with only few votes for the Arab Observer (around 8) compared to Bakhouz who dominated the competition with nearly 80 votes so far. Does that upset me? Not really! Maybe a bit 😛 (damn you Bakhouz!)

Two days ago, Nas talked about bloggers identity. He advised bloggers to create a unique identity consistent that seperate them from each other. He claims that being real is what would keep your readers interested in your blog. He ended his post with a question “Isn’t being yourself what blogging is all about? “

While I don’t agree with all Nas’s claims where I don’t think that a blogger has to be himself , I find that a blogger identity comes by default. It is a matter of a good identity that appeals to the masses versus a bad one that does only appeal of few people. If a blogger can’t manage to build a fan base, then maybe he sould look into ways to make changes to his identity (unless he doesn’t want a fanbase in the first place)

People have categorized the contenders of the favourite male blogger competition based on their percieved identities. Batir for instance are percieved to be a progressive political writier, while Ahmed Humed is an advertisement/media/marketing expert, Nas is identified with his professional journalism way of writing and the others have their own identification criteria.

The Arab Observer seems to be identified by being a Controvesial blog! Secretea said “The Arab Observer always has an interesting take on issues that we, the Jordanian population (from my perspective), rarely think about, like homosexuality, satanists, …etc. very interesting ;)”, while Who-Sane linked to me with a link that have a caption “Controversial Topics”! RedRose recommended me to Radio Monte Carlo to be a young talented writer under Controversial category!

The question is do I really love talking about Controversial issues?

Some people have accused me before of talking about controversial issues to gain more hits to my blog. While I agree that Controversial issues do gain more people attention, and yes I admit of loving having more readers for what I write, I don’t really write about a topic just to gain more hits.

What I am after in blogging is a real connection and sharing of ideas between me and other people. I love more when someone disagrees with me than when he agrees. It is always a pleasure to discover a new line of thought or gain a small information that you haven’t heard before. I find communicating with people to be the most effective way to learn and grow.

I guess that what really identifies my writings is not controversy. If you are a dedicated reader of this blog, you would know that TOLERANCE is what highlights most of my posts. What really drives me to write is an inner need of making other people feel better.

Our life is not an easy run. We, human beings, give each other even more hardship than what life gives us because of our fear. We build a wall of rigid rules and ideas refusing to look closer at each individual case and treat the other as much as we hope he treats us.

Whether it is women, jews, blacks, homosexuals, satanists, prostitutes and evil holy religious men, we are all human beings. We act according to our circumstances. No one is better than the other (even in his religious believes).

I write to draw a smile. To touch your heart. And to open your mind. To feel your humanity and share it with others.

No it is controversy I am looking after. It is a call for more compassion and a better life for all of us.

Vote for me on Qwaider! lol

Actually this is a funny contest that Qwaider start on his blog to choose your favourite Jordanian male blogger! There are some heavy weights contenders competing with me on the title which Qwaider have chosen based on his own observations.

Click on the link below and vote for me (Please :P)
Vote: for your favorite Jordanian Male blogger

The feminine face of God

It is amazing how a very simple idea can change your whole perspective of life. You feel like you are newly born where everything that you have thought of before and memorized has different meanings than what you used to think off.

Paulo Coelho’s writings have this effect on me. Whenever I read a couple of pages from his books, something changes in my perspective of life, and thus it is reflected on my way of thinking and on my behaviour and life in general.

In his book “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept” (Thank you RedRose for lending me it), he introduced me to the feminine face of God. An aspect of the creator that I haven’t really thought of before, neither even tried to felt it or reflect it on the world around me.

God has always been a male figure to me. While there is not true sex identification of God in Christianity or Islam for him being a supreme spiritual being, it has always been a HE when mentioned. In English, it is God not Goddess, in Arabis it is Allah, not Allaha! And then you have God’s son being male and his major prophets being males as well.

Paulo points out the feminine Goddesses that exists in most of the cultures around the world, from pre-abrahamic religions such as Isis, Ashtar, Aphrodite, …etc to the Virgin Mary and Holy Spirit figures in Christianity.

While most Christians would argue the concept of Virgin Mary as a Goddess which is not a clear concept for many who percieves her as a human being who happened to deliver the manifestation of God to the world, her being referred to as a God’s mother does give her a Goddess qualities.

In the other hand, the holy spirit, as mentioned in the link to the wickipedia article above, used to be mentiond as a feminine entity in old scriptures.

I have considered before a world-less God, it changed my perception of everything. The world sounded meaningless and cold. It scared me to the point that I have never really was able to let it go.

Now, I am considering a female Goddess. I don’t want to loose the male attributes of a God as well. But feeling the feminine side of God does make my world brighter. The feeling of her tenderness covering me makes me happy.

Our world does have a feminine face


انوثتك تحميني

اقف تحت الشلال عاريا, تتساقط المياه على جسدي, تجري في تناغم من اعلى رأسي الى اخمص قدمي. تجري في انوثه صارخه تلامس جسدي بنعومه ينتفض جسدي لها, تعانقني, تشعرني بالأمان, تذكرني في رحم امي, تذكرني كيف التفت حولي في غلاف حامي عندما لم اكن سوى جنينا هشا يشعر بالأمان لأحتضان آلهته جسده في حمايه قدسية تجهزه لمواجهة هذا العالم
تجري في جسدي, تلتقي انوثتها رجولتي كأنما جريانها يحدد جنسي و تفاصيل جسدي, تغلفه كما يغلف الهواء التمثال الحجري. تحدد ملامحي, وجهي و فمي, عضلات صدري و يدي, قدمي و عضوي التناسلي. تضخم رجولتي, تشعرني في الاثاره, تصحيني من غيبوبتي لأعيش حياتي
احبس نفسي و اغطس في اعماقها. اصرخ في لهفة, ضميني يا امي, ضميني يا الهتي, احن الي جسدك, احن الى حمايتك, لانك كنت اول من اشعرني بالامان. لا لم تكن رجولة ابي, انما كانت انوثتك المتجسدة في المياه في رحمك, المياه التي ترافقني منذ خلقي و الى اليوم و غدا تحميني و تدفئني و تبقيني حيا

Researchers list 237 reasons for sex

Researchers list 237 reasons for sex

Finally some more science to uncover the myths regarding women sexuality

“Researchers at the University of Texas spent five years and their own money to
study the overlooked why behind sex while others were spending their time on the

Guess what?

“Twenty of the top 25 reasons given for having sex were the same for men and
women. “

Men are not that different from women in terms of sexuality afterall!

“It’s refuted a lot of gender stereotypes … that MEN only want sex for the
physical pleasure and WOMEN want love “

Women want sex for physical pleasure as well! GOT IT?

“Forget thinking that men are from Mars and women from Venus”

We are both from earth! No matter of how much excuses we create to prove the Men are different and have more sexual needs while women are not, in reality we both share the same need for sex.

“None of the gender differences are all that great”


On a side note, both genders number one reason for having sex IS:

” No. 1: “I was attracted to the person.”

Check the entire article on Yahoo with the link I provide at the beginning of this post.