Jordanian young couple sex movie spread!

There is a short movie spreading among Jordanians of a young couple having sex in their private room.

The spread story is that the couple isn’t married. It is the guy’s room. He shot the movie with his phone camera. It isn’t clear whether she new about it or not. It is either him or his friend who spread the movie. The girl is identified by her NAME! No body knows the guy’s name neither they care! A stupid rumor accompanied the story is that the guy is muslim while the girl is christian and that the guy spread it as an attack on Jordanian Christians and their reputations!

The whole issue shows the amount of bigotry, sexism and sexual disfunctioning the Jordanian society is diseased with.

People are cursing the young girl for having sex with her boyfriend and disgracing her family in a society where women sexuality hasn’t yet been acknowledged and is only permitted to be addressed after the woman get married. The honor of an entire family is connected closely with the family women sexual activities. A woman losing her virginity outside a marraige boundary means that her family members lose their honor unless they kill her.

The young man in the movie isn’t tarnished a bit! It is like the young woman is having sex with a ghost! His name isn’t spreading with the movie as of her name. People are not cursing him for either having sex outside marriage boundaries or for even shooting the movie with a possibility to be the one responsible of spreading it. His family isn’t disgraced like of hers!

With nearly everyone having phone cameras in Amman. Such incidents are bound to happen more frequently. Young men and women are more open to sex. A lot of young couples practice sex in secrecy and behind close doors. People should become more tolerance to such behaviour. The answer is not cursing our youngster for expressing their needs and crusify them, the only one to blame here is the one who spread the movie, and us for helping spreading it even more.

25 thoughts on “Jordanian young couple sex movie spread!

  1. The girl better flee the country because I smell an honors crime is on the way. It must be a sick and pervert person who would think of videotaping this especially if it was the guy’s friend.and if its the guy, then how BLIND the girl can be?but you know what? the girl might have seen herself as the future paris hilton, pamela anderson or anna nicole smith and maybe she did it voluntarilyIn that case, send me a link to the video.😉. is it on youtube?😛


  2. Young men, arjoukum ASHAN ALLAH, please don’t watch this or pass it on. Would you watch your neighbor through a window? These two blew it big time, who knows if the girl will pay with her life. She is someone’s daughter, he someone’s son. Let’s not multiply their sin by forwarding it.Observer, thanks though for caring enough about Christian women’s reputation to mention it.


  3. KJ says:

    It is a sad affair that people are still intolerant to the girl having sex while it is OK for the guy to do it. In fact I bet the boast about it – oh look my son screwed this and this girl.Maybe in Jordan there is a dispute between two families, so one sends a son to have sex with the other family’s daughter, and so disgrace them and have them kill her.I cannot accept such act, I am sorry, as much as I respect all cultures, there are some things I simply cannot accept.Anyway, it is best she flees the country. I posted about such issues in one of my earliest post,


  4. Observer, I totally agree with your points, its like me thinking, apart from one “His family isn’t disgraced like of hers!” as I believe that his parents would care, even a bit for their reputation as a family


  5. Anonymous says:

    They have attached this label to her out of their sick mentality.For low life people , if she’s wearing a Hijab, she’s cool (although many girls wear a low cut jeans, body shirt, all revealing, while wearing a Hijab)Stupid society = backward nation, that elects Hamas or the IAF


  6. Hamza, it doesn’t seem that the girl is aware of the camera! I agree, she better leaves the country! and no, no you tube😛Kinzi, you are right, we shouldnt pass it on! It is like we participate in stabbing her when doing so.Kj, yes man, we need a cultural upgrade! These are a very old wrong values that we should work on changing. Bashar, yes, his parents would care, but people wouldn’t look down on them as they would for her family! He is a man afterall! :SAnonymous, sadly what you are saying is true😦


  7. Anonymous says:

    if you think the scum boy friend will not pay for his fuckup, think again. how would want to marry their daughter to a scum like this. of course the girl will suffer by order of magnitude, but the guy will be shunned by society since they will see him as a predator who must not get close to their sisters, daughters,… 3alami


  8. Nasser says:

    I can’t believe a sicko would do something like this. What u do in private is personal and intimate and the girl trusted that bastard and he took advantage of this to show off infornt of his friends i guess. She made a mistake and now she will pay for it😦


  9. this is just too sick!the poor girl put her trust in a guy and he or his sicko friends did this..i never liked this camera phone thing…i pray that her family is not one of those honour crap and kill her..*sigh* she did make a mistake..and now she is paying for it..tsk tsk..


  10. Well, this is not the first story of this kind, neither will it be the last!!One of the stories I heard was about a girl in my university (Techno), where a girl who was the top of her class in mechanical engineering, was taped drunk and later having sex with her boyfriend. She was taped by her boyfriend’s friend. She asked the guy firmly to turn off the camera, but being drunk couldn’t realize it was still on.In short, after the girl and her boyfriend broke up, her boyfriend published the video “as a revenge”!! Later, the girl reportedly was broken, she walks with her head down to the ground, talks to no-one, until she finally committed suicide.Now, regarding that the film is addressed by the girl’s name this is pretty much habitual… All porn movies are addressed by the names of girls in it, the only exception being gay movies!I personally, hope the girl you reported won’t be killed or anything, and that she learns from her mistake and move on with her life.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I just have a question which might seem so ignorant, but i will ask it anyways. So it is not only Muslims, but both Muslims and christians in Jordan who would committ honor killings; kill the daughter for engaging pre-marital sex??


  12. 3alami, unfortunatly not all people in Jordan think this way. Sex is not a shame of a man. Only lack of money in a man’s pocket what shames him! If a man has good money, then he can marry easily and live a normal life!Nasser, yes, what is private should stay private. This is a real crime. Who ever spread it should pay!Sam, I can’t see where the poor girl where mistaken? Maybe in her trust of the guy?! DM, OMG, she suicide? That is a real tragedy! Hope this girl doesnt follow her suit! You are right, there are other stories like this! Anonymous, yes, honor crimes is not explicit for Muslim families in Jordan, Christian families commit it as well. I know a Christian family who killed their son-in-law because he wanted to divorce their daughter. Divorce is still considered a shame in some parts of our society, and thus they killed him to protect their honor! (another form of honor killing!)


  13. Last time I checked, the Christian marriage can only be void by extra marital affairs, and neither the man nor the woman can legitimate marry until one of them is dead!!


  14. Jameel Hijazeen says:

    I totally agree with all of you, honor crimes is a sign of backwardness. Also, Honor crimes is a brutal and savage behavior that shouldn’t be present in a society of the 21st century. I am sure that you, before me, believe in these principles. But wait! To practice your beliefs is harder than just proclaiming them. Don’t get me wrong, I totally disagree with those who are ready to commit the hideous “honor crimes”. However, the problem starts when I try to imagine myself in place of the (liberated) girls’ relatives.Imagine that you are a father of this girl, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, etc… Imagine with me how understanding our society will be with you?! You won’t wait a lot before the people whom you know would start picking on you! Moreover, they would be certainly looking down at you. What is more, you won’t ever dare to disagree with them ’cause you are sure that they would immediately remaining you of your “shame”. Won’t they be making jokes and even proverbs about your family?! Imagine that you are X, two guys will be sitting together: “Do you think that I am a (saqi6ah-maybe coward will work) like X?” Or: “You are coward! Is X a relative of you?” Or “That family must be tough on their daughter, they remind me of the X family”… I wish that such (understanding) reaction from the society would last only for a year or 2?! You will be lucky if people stopped their attack when you are dead, it will stay for ages as long as someone from your family is alive. Finally, an what is most important, people will blame what the girl did on her family and her relatives. You know! They are who did it with the guy!All in all, I wish that what I mentioned has some exaggeration. You and I can’t sit here in this Blog and start talking about how those who did so are like. I believe that this problem isn’t as easy it is portrayed, to know how hard it is, I advise you imagine the situation above again and again.


  15. DM, that was before. Now church divorce people for other reasons. It just takes time.jamee, you are right, it isn’t easy. I wouldn’t say it is. It depends on how strong a family can be to protect their daughters from shame injected by old society values. Killing her won’t wash their honor, it would just make the situation worse. They can always fight back and redefine their own standards of honor that shouldn’t be related to their women vagina! with their strength they can pull many others into the light.


  16. kinzi – “christian women’s reputation” – My God!! how middleaged can you be? and this is 2007?? I canhardly believe what I read!!!Honor sit in the heart and that young man lost his honor totally when not standing by HeR side and supporting HeR!!


  17. must do says:

    i think she should leave Jordan and stay away for a while cause the comunity wont give her any chance all guys will treat hear as a prostitute …and if i where in her family … that guy would be as good as dead right now


  18. Arab Lady says:

    Agree 200% with Hamza …she MUST flee the country We don’t want to read about a new Honor Crime anymore……Girls must suppress their sexual needs as if they are not human beings …his action doesn’t ruin his reputation ya3ni? What a double standard culture?


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