While in fact it is just pure jealousy!

I love Brooke logan forrester
(This is not a secret anymore, I have admit it in one of my previous posts, remember?)
The main character of the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera
Actually it is, Brooke logan forrester forrester forrester sharp Maron…
Yes triple forrester, as you know, she married the 3 forresters men
The father
The son (Ridge)
and the other son (Thorne)
Then came Ridge’s half brother (Nick)
and guess what? She married him as well
Not to forget Deacon sharp, who has been her son-in-law!

I know what you are thinking,
Why would I love such a morally corrupted character
Not just in terms of the Arab Morals
but also in terms of the American Morals as well.

Is it her blond her? big boobs? Attractive body figure?
or is it her sex appeal and comfort in her sexuality?
or is it her spontaniousity, daring, independence and confidence?

Maybe it is what she represents in the show
A victim of her own beauty
A woman that is crusified for her sexuality
A woman that her only sin is the she loves so much

People consider her a bitch
But who isn’t in that show interms of Arabic values.
Even Taylor the saint are considered a bitch in our Arabic terms.
In some areas, even a woman not wearing a hijab (veil) is considered a bitch

But people find it hard to realize that Morals are relative
Each one thinks that he has the ultimate truth in terms of women morality
They don’t realize that each woman has different emotions and needs
What you would apply to one, cannot be applied to another
Sometimes even a woman beauty can be her curse
And while beauty is also relative
A more beautiful woman in an area where people look at beauty in a certain way
Most probably would get more sexual advancement than a less beautiful one
and thus, the less beautiful would find it easier to hold on their sexual needs
than the more beautiful with all the men lusting after her!
Then, they would step up on a high pedestal,
claiming to be self-righteous, moral, religious women
While calling that beauty a bitch
for a so called legitemate reason *Morals*
While in fact it is just pure

Living within a group – A different life style

Sometimes I look to the future and find elders houses to be a good choice for me in my senior years. The idea of being with people around my age in a big house appeals to me better than being in a house with people where I hardly can communicate with because of the gap in age even if they are my children and grand children. I don’t like also the option of living alone with a maid to help me.

Living with a group is something that appeal to me. Most people would agree that their school and college times were one of the best times in their lives. Those who lived in university dorms know what it is like to live among a group. It is a totally different life style that differs than the way we live.

In the past, our grandparents used to live in small towns where houses were close to each other. There was no real seperation between people the way we have now. The sense of living in a group was there among them. They all knew their neighbours, and all lived like a big family.

Now, we moved into bigger buildings were no one knows about his neighbour anything. In the name of privacy we build bridges between us. People now even peek from the magic eyes of their doors in order to check if their neighbour is in the stairs so that they don’t stop and talk to him! Our privacy turned into curse, and the walls we built to protect ourselves trapped us in loneliness and isolation.

It would be nice if our houses evolved to resemble university dorms or old towns. People should move from living in small families into bigger groups. Each pair or single people can have their own rooms in a big hall while sharing a sitting room and a kitchen. They can maintain their privacy this way while taking advantage of living among a big group of people as well.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a suitable solutions to families with little children, but the whole family can move to such big houses once their children turn 18.

Paulo Coelho liked a post of mine!

I can’t hold my excitement about this news. Actually, it is quite unbelievable to have my favourite multi million book seller writer reading a post of mine and actually preparing to publish it on his own blog.

Today is my lucky day. I have got this comment from Paula, a messenger from Paulo himself telling me:

Hello, just dropping by to say that Paulo Coelho has read your post and
will publidh it in his blog Paulo Coelho’s blog on the 17th of September. In case you mind,
do not hesitate to write me on paulabraconnot@gmail.comBest!

I did contact her and it seems to be true news 🙂

Here is the post Paulo read and liked!

Thank you Paulo, and thank you Paula for the news.

I can fly of excitment now!

احبك يا عمان

كلما كبرت, تكبرين اضعاف و اضعاف. كلما نظرت الى عينيك وجدتك ابهى و اجمل. لبست ثوب الحداثة و بدتي تتكللمين اللغات. لم تعودي طفلة, انوثتك اكتملت. تعلمتي ارتداء اجمل الفساتين, تعلمتي ارتداء الماكياج والروائح. تتورد خدودك في نضارة و يعبق هواؤك بأريج الورد و الياسمين
أخذتي مكانك بين مدن العالم عن جدارة. بيروت, القدس و بغداد اصبحن يغرن منك. فتحت ذراعيك و استقبلت ابناءهم, ضممتهم الى صدرك و احتضنتهم كما تحتضنينا نحن. اقتسمنا حليبك و عطفك و حنانك. علمتنا المشاركة و التعاطف و المحبة
عمان, يقفز قلبي بفرح لسماع اسمك, يتهلل بسرور عند سماع ابناؤك يمجدونك باجمل الاهازيج. نتغني بتاريخك و تراثك. نتذكر عندما كنت عمون و عندما كنت فيلادلفيا. احبك العالم منذ القدم, و مجدوك على مر العصور
احب حاضرك وماضيك, اتعجب بمقدرتك العجيبة على مجاراة اخر ابداعات الموضة و الحداثة بينما تحافظين على تراثك و ماضيك. تتفاخرين بعبدون و صويفية والرابية كما تتفاخرين بجبل عمان و الويبدة والحسين. تجمعين ابناؤك من انحاء جسمك و ترقصين و تغنيين لهم في المدرج الروماني. تتباهين بالقلعة التي تشهد على امجادك و مضيك الجميل
احب صيفك و شتاءك. ما اجمل ليالييك في الصيف, اعشقها, كأنها فصلا من فصول الف ليلة و ليلة. اجلس في احدى مقاهيك او باراتك, ارتشف الشاي و القهوة و البيرة, ادخن الارجيلة, و اتسامر مع الاصدقاء, نلتف حول المائدة نتبادل الاحاديث التي لاتخلو عن ذكرك, هناك دائما الجديد, لم نعد نستطع مجاراتك, سوق جديد, مطعم جديد, مقهى جديد, مبنى جديد, مجلة, محطة اذاعية او تلفزيونية, نادي, شارع, متنزه, مكتبة, مهرجان, …الخ
عندما اسافر, اشتاق اليك, اشعر كالسمكة خارج الماء, اعود الى بيتي بشوق و لهفة. اشعر بالارتياح عند اول نفس من هواؤك, ابتسم لسماع اسمك في كابينة الطائرة ” نصف ساعة و نصل الي عمان” كانها موسيقي تتردد في اذني
عمان, اهواكي كما يهوى العشق عشيقتة, اهواكي كما يهوى الابن والدته. اشعر بالامان بطرقاتك, و اعيش بفرح بين ذراعيك. ضميني بقلبك وانتابع نمونا مع بعض لنسجل بصبتنا في التاريخ للأجيال القدمة

Break your glass and fly

In Paulo Coelho’s novel “By the river Piedra I sat down and wept”, there is a scene where the couple were dining in a restuarant. They were lovers in their childhood and they just met again in the story. In the period of time where they were seperated, the guy moved around the world in search for knowledge and wisdom, and thus he takes the role of a teacher, leading the young woman to realize new aspects of life.

While they were dining, he suddenly asked her to drop the glass of water on the table to the ground and break it. She didn’t understand what he is up to at first and refused to do it. Why would she do that? What an insane idea? and What would be the consequences of such more?

The conversation go on and on. Finally, she did it. The waiter came and cleaned up the mess without any real bad consequences. The only thing she learnt is to be more daring.

The idea behind breaking the glass is breaking all those rules of familiarity that strangle us. Life imposes on us many rules that we fear to break either because we are so familiar with and used to, or because we fear the bad consequences that might not happen in the first place. There are people in life who just can’t make any unfamiliar move. Fear grounds them where they can’t give a logical explanation to their resistance of changes. Changes that are not only limited to their behaviour but also to the way they percieve life and grow with it.

Natasha discusses in this post, why gay people tend to be more creative than others. They dominate the creative industry around the world, from fashoin, entertainment, media and art, and constantly push the world into new creative ideas.

The reason she presents, which I find very logical, is nothing to do with their genes, or same sex attraction, it really lies in where they were forced to break the norm that is defined by society.

Their nature is different than the majority, and thus realizing this difference, they are forced to see the world in other perspectives. Breaking such a major rule in their life, it becomes easier for them to move on and break other rules. When they don’t have real glasses forbidden their mind movement, they can enjoy their freedom and create.

Other people are forced to break their own glasses in different ways. They don’t have to be homosexuals to do so. For instance, I believe that Paulo Coelho himself broke his own glass at a young age when he was subjected to a mental hospital. At that time, he wanted to pursue a career in music as a lyrics writers, which wasn’t really acceptable with his parents and therefore they seek phsycology to treat him. Such a painful experience must have forced him to break his glass and fly in the world of freedom.

Struggle and pain can force people to grow. Fear restricts us from growing. We can always fight our demons and learn new experiences. It is only a piece of glass. Breaking it won’t kill us, it would only make us stronger.

Licky-Licious Ice Cream: Registering a trade mark!

It is delicious!

Finally, we were able yesterday to register the brand name of our new ice cream shop that me and my best friend (Nasser) has been working on for the past several months.

We are going to open in Rainbow street when the municipality finish working on. They are turning it into a pedestrian area and things look so promising for the street as there seem to be a big plan for it.

Starting one’s own small business in Jordan isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of things you have to take care of. You have to deal with different kind of people including beraucratic goverment officials and their awkward procedures.

It seems that technology that is meant to accelerate business procedures can also set it back if people are not well trained on it to take advantage of its features.

Yesterday we had to go 3 times to the Ministry of Industry and Trade in order to get the job done.

First time, they told us that there is a form that has to be filled, and it CANT be filled by hand! They need it typed and printed out. They gave us the link to their site and where we can find the form. We asked them if they have any computers in the building were we can fill those forms intead of having to go back home or search for an internet cafe. They said that they don’t have. And so we ended up going back to Nasser’s house near the 7th circle because we didn’t know any near Internet cafe and we didn’t want to waste time.

Unfortunatly, even their online forms are not user friendly. After we filled them and printed them out, some of them got printed on 2 pages. Only the last line appeared on the second page. We thought that it is okay, as we didn’t change anything of their settings. We took the form and head back to the Ministry for a second time.

When we arrived, they took a quick look at the forms and said that they are not acceptable! They want them on one page only! and so we headed back to Nasser’s house to fix it!

After our 3rd visit, finally they accepted them! They gave us the invoice to pay at the accountant office. With our luck, the accountant seemed to have another problem with technology himself! We had to wait 30 mins in order for him to fix it so that we could pay.

A very small task of registering a trademark which shouldn’t take more than 30 mins ended up taking 5 hours! Thanks to having technology used by people who don’t know how to use it efficiently.

Anyway, we have completed another task.

Hope that you like our logo and name.

Let me know what you think 🙂

What if God is one of us?

What if God is one of us?
or maybe my question is
What if suddenly I realized that I am God myself
Insane, isn’t it?
Einstein says
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
And so, my imagination can make me a God
Isn’t God himself is part of our universal imagination?
He can’t be proven by logic
He can only be retained by imagination faith
Ops, isn’t it a SHE?
It doesn’t matter
Applying it on me would only work with HE!
It would be awkward being a SHE!

But seriously, how far from reality it can be?
Didn’t it happen before?
Like with Jesus?
I have always wondered
Whether he always knew that he is the incarnated God
or he realized it suddenly when he turned 30

I am approaching my 30 next year!
Which sounds like a perfect timing to realize my holiness
But this time
I WONT let anyone crusify me
Not even YOU anonymous!

I won’t punish you either
and I won’t promise you of hell or heaven
I would add the dots to the lines
(in Arabic it means making things clearer because the Arabic font contains many dots)
and hold you responsible of your own misery

Because I GAVE you a BRAIN!
not just to carry on when you walk
but to use it and THINK!

And while I admit that I have created some people with better brain capacities than others
(I won’t claim to be a JUST)
but I know that each one of you can make himself happy with some simple thoughts
and without having to use the huge potentials I gave you in your brains

Stop looking around you
Stop looking behind in the past, or forward to the future
Stop looking for heavens
I am giving it to you
in this single moment

Just look me in the eyes
and smile
because I am your God
and I love you
and I created you to be happy