No this isn’t about women sexuality
Although I loved the traffic generated by talking about it
(Not all traffic) – Those who accused me of having no shame!
But thinking about it, maybe I don’t have
How the hell would I acknowledge women sexuality?!
Do they even feel?!
We men love to feel superior
Maybe because nature -I mean *God*- provided us with bigger bodies!
And smaller brains
So that we dominate our women!
Wrap them up in black
and chain them at home!
We are MEN! We are MEN! Wooohooo

Anyway it isn’t this post’s subject

And no, it isn’t about gay rights
So that I won’t be accused of being immoral
or maybe having a hidden agenda for spreading prostitution
and western culture! lol
Because gays are sub-humans!
They don’t have any rights!
How the hell would a man love another man!
This is beyond God’s master plan for the universe!
It was Adam and Eve! Where did this Steve come from?!
No way!
Nature has no variations
All men are the same.
All women are the same
Big muscles, and big boobs!
Can a women be one with small boobs?! Hell she can’t
After all we are MEN!
and have needs!
Homosexuality is only acceptable for us watching two lesbians at it!
Fantasies are ok?
I told you, we have needs!

It isn’t this post’s subject as well

I won’t be talking about peace!
and won’t be quoting Ghandi!
Because it is absurd to compare ourselves to the Indians!
We are the 300!
What is taken by force, can only get back by force
If we can’t blow them up, we can blow ourselves
Because we can’t live with a scratched honor
The rape of our country is the same as the rape of our sisters!
It is all in the vagina!
Those who call for peace are just..
Don’t know what they talk about?

Anyway, it isn’t the post’s subject too

It is about re-gain product
No, it isn’t a penis enlargement product
(I told you it isn’t about sex)
It is a hair strengthen product
You won’t believe it
It is like magic
Two of my friends are using it
(I won’t be mentioning names, so don’t worry)
One of them, whose bald head started to appear
Turned into the next Elvis Presly!
When we saw him after 2 months of his disappearing
We opened our mouths in wonder!
Is he wearing a wig?!
We tried to pull it off
But it didn’t work!
It was real!
The second one, who used to have nightmares about his hair loss
Followed his suit
and in no time
His hair became stronger and more thick!
If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what it is

I am just relieved now for spreading the word about REGAIN
I know that you men would love it!
No one would attack me for talking about less important problems!
They only do that when I ask for women rights!
But when it is about men’s hair
Then I have all the freedom of speech
and all the love of men

Cheers guys