The Fruits of our Peace Treaty

Upon signing the Peace treaty between Jordan and Israel 13 years ago. There were much talk and hype triggered by the government of Jordan at that time to highlight the potential benefits of signging the treatment. Most of the talk focused on highlighting the economic gains Jordanians would benefits of with the promised global support and international financial grants.

While the couple of years followed the assignment of the Peace Treaty didn’t bring the amount of prosper people hoped for according to the promises of the government at that time, still now after 13 years of peace, one can look at the Jordanian economy and measure the substantial improvement it gained since then.

One would argue that the Jordanian economy would have made such leaps with or without the Peace Treaty as we weren’t really on an active War with Israel since 1968, but I would disagree because even being on a cold war means less security and progress. People would concentrate on building their future rather than focusing on securing their fences.

Being in a Peace state. Jordan’s people and leadership found themselves in better conditions to focus on their own economic development, rather than spending a big amount of budget on military development. It became easier for the consequence goverments to raise the level of freedom and democracy under a peaceful atmosphere rather than having to dictate high security rules while being at war.

Mostly every economic sector has picked up. Starting from Tourism sector passing throught Medical, IT, Advertismenet, Trade, Finance, Telecommunication, production and ending in the latest construction boom that wouldn’t have taken place in a less secured environment.

Benefits have not been exclusive to economic gains. One can measure clearly the spirit of the Jordanian’s people and espcially our youth. Looking back at the youth of the the 70’s and 80’s generations where they were obsessed with patriotism, war, and national political affairs. It is quite clear how things changed in the minds of our youth where their focus changed from find ways to secure their country, into finding way to build it.

Just recently we have started to hear about various local talents in different cultural and artistic aspects. From singing, writing, painting, dancing, acting, TV hosting ..etc. Jordanian talents are coming finding a healthy environment to come out and nourich.

Accompanied with a media recent boom, starting from local new printed publications and radio stations, and with the promising future of our TV stations with the coming of ATV. Local talents are finding a good support in highlighting their achievments at a time where people have tools to listen and watch.

The fruits of our Peace Treaty with Israel has never been about the USA money grants. The real value of it lies in our own sense of security and our readiness to move on building our country and innovating our future.

It is time to start collecting those fruits.

19 thoughts on “The Fruits of our Peace Treaty

  1. Its hard to judge and say whether we could have achieved the following with or without a Peace Treaty. Yet its an interesting theory that the Peace Treaty helped the younger generation on focusing on developing their talents.I think the most important fruit we collected was the water. Jordan always had water problems. but after the peace treaty, we SOMEHOW lost our scarce water sources. I wonder who fooled us.Excuse me but the water issue is the most annoying thing that pissed me off about the whole Peace Treaty.


  2. Very good post, but I do not find any connection between the media boom and the peace treaty. Yes, peace helped some economic sectors (like Tourism), but water for example still a problem (as Hamza said), youth are still obsessed with political affairs and i think even in time of “war” there were some talents.. well, this is my opinion🙂


  3. 13 years after jordan signed a peace treaty with israel, relations between the tow are far from warm,no normalization.-Bearing in mind the washington declaration, sigened by them on 25th july,1994, and which they are both committed to honour.– Aiming at the achievemment of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the middle east BASED an SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTIONS 242 AND 3387 IN ALL THEIR ASPECTS.Wats up with that.


  4. On the economic side I think what you are talkign about is the QIZ which is mainly textile production, but FYI this “industry” adds nothing to the jordanian economy eventhough “we” export 1.2 billion worth of clothes; None of the raw materials come from jordan, none of the factories pay taxes, and 50% of the workers are slaves that they get from bangladesh and china, and the jordanians that work in those “factories” take 100JDs a month for working 10 hours a day! and I would like to give you some bad news, in the next five years those “factories” will be GONE to egypt.So basically this QIZ added nada, nothing! And our water rights were given up by Mr.Majali who is now talking about confederation!This guy only brought disasters to jordan! But anyway, “peace” is better than war!


  5. Hamza, but I don’t think that water issue has gone worse! We have always had a scarce water problem and with the Treaty we got some more water according to official declarations!Issa, thx, I think that media boom has a very close relation with the Peace Treaty, in terms of raising the freedom bar we were able to get in a peaceful environment. Hamede, inspite of that, we are at peace! right?Mohannad, no, I am not talking only about QIZ factories! I am talking about every sector of our economy and how much investments we are getting by being in a peace state along with the comfort and security we feel now that help us concentrate our energies on building our future rather than fighting!


  6. يا رجل عن أي سلام تتكلم,أين هوا هذا السلام المزيف, تلترباع شعبك غير قابل علي هل المهازل وخرافة هذا ألاستسلام لهذه الدوله العنصريه,كيف نقبل بئستسلام ,لا يمكن لي أنسان شريف ومحب لشعبو أن يقبل في وجود دوله عنصريه يا رجل أنا مش عارف كيف بتقبل لنفسك في دعم عمليه مخزيه وغير مشرفه ,اصحا علي حالك وبكفي ضحك علي اللحه


  7. Nasser says:

    Hi observer,Yes I agree with you on this. A secure country especially in the middle east is the best location for investments. I mean guys dont you see the amount of money and developments that are happening in jordan, everybody has started to compare us to Dubai for god’s sake, just keep an open mind.P.S. alurdunialhurr can’t you write in english i mean the whole post is in english and you read it so it makes sense to reply in the same language doesn’t it so all the people can understand.


  8. KJ says:

    I’m very politically unaware, but despite any peace treaty you can’t possibly reallocate the resources and consider everything as done. Any peace treaty with Israel is like like praying and drinking. You only keep the devil away while you’re sober.From my perspective, a peace treaty often is an excuse to build up more ammo in the upcoming fight.


  9. عندما نتكلم عن سلام يجب علينا كا شعوب وأفراد أن نضع العدله أمام أعيننا حتي يتسنالنا في الحصول علي سلام عادل ومستديم, ما حصل بين ألاردن الهاشمي وأسرائيل العنصريه هو عباره عن محاصصه بين دولتين مزيفاتين أنبثقاتا عن مخطط أمبريالي أستعماري للحد من وصول الشعوب الحره الي ألاستقلال والحريه وألاتحاد وبناء مجتمع مبني علي أسس ضموقراطيه وبعيده عن التبعيه والذلال…وأخيرآوليس أخرآ,السلام ليس بتجميع الدنانير والقروش والصفقات المشبوه وبناء الفيلات المزيفه وبناء مصانع أجنبيه أتت الي الاردن لستغلال الشعب الاردني المغلوب علي أمرهأم انت يا ناصر,أنا أكتب ولي الحق بئن أستعمل أى للغه تحلو لي نفسي,,أيش يا با جدودك أتوا من ويلز،وصرنا نتعيب في للغتنه يا حوينا علي هيك شباب ….وشكرأ


  10. Alurdunialhurr, peace has never been shameful. What is shameful is the bloodshed that we are not able to stop because of stupid ideologies and fights to gain more ground and power while we can smarly find a way to co-live! Nass, yes, Jordan’s economy are evolving in good steps. We are doing a good job under peaceful environment. As for the language of discussion, I think that you have to let everyone speak with the language he prefers🙂Kj, we have been at peace with Israel for the past 13 years, and since then there hasnt been any threats towards us from their part. Why keep this mentality of not allowing us to trust them? They do have good people the same way we do. And we civilized people get to lead at each side, we both can deal with other and build a better future for all of us.


  11. One more thing, you can’t call this peace, maybe you can call cease fire, since 99% of jordanians are not with it, and 99% of israelies are not with it so it is basically something for the time being until the people have their voice.


  12. The difference between my point of view and your point of view,I spoeak of true peace baced on justice,but you observer,you talk about fake peace that based on صلبطه وأستغلال < HREF="" REL="nofollow">as in this case<>


  13. mohannad, that is not true? you are basing your claim on your own observation!alurdunialhurr, we have a peace agreement that is respected from each side. no body pushed us to sign anything. we got back jordanian land and secured our borders. there is nothing shameful about thishamede, funny!


  14. Actually no, in the latest PEW survey jordan held the most negative view in the wrold about israel, we got more points than palastenians themselves, so it is not my observation it is a scientific survey and we score 100% in it regarding this specific issue:)Sorry for the bad news but thats the reality of it.


  15. Mohannad, actually having most negative view about Israel doesn’t mean that we want to have war with it! We have much negative view about the US and we sure dont want to get into war with it!Our choice of peace isnt triggered for our love for the Israelis! It is a strategic smart choice to make a better future for our people. We have to be civilized and do the best we can do for the people living on this spot of the world. We cant keep on killing each other no matter how much of anger and hate we carry for each other!


  16. “It is a strategic smart choice to make a better future for our people.”Ok, lets assume that you are right and that hate doesn’t mean we can’t have peace(which is exactly the opposite of what peace is trying to achieve). This “smart” choice should have been handled by smart people, and sadly the guys who handled this decision only cared about their self-gains and became millionairs. We didn’t get our water rights, Egypt is paid 1.5 billion yearly, israel is paid 3.4 billion yearl and jordan 350 million! Did you ask yourslef why? Why didn’t we get a better deal? Who is responsible for that? who gave him the right to speak on my behalf and give my water away? Simple questions.And regarding the survey, arabs hate the US foreign policy, but they don’t hate americans, on the other hand arabs hate israek all together, and anyone who denies that is blind.Note here that I am not taking any side, I am simply stating facts that are on the ground.Enjoy:)


  17. Mohannad, actually the smartest thing in signing a peace treaty is providing ourselves with security and saving our people from dying! That is in itself worths much more the millions you are talking about!The US doesnt have to pay us 350 million dollars yearly! and they dont have to care about our safety as well! Peace is for our benefit. Just look at the fruits we are gaining after 13 years!


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