How dare you celebrate Petra’s win?!

How the hell we dare to celebrate the victory of Petra?!
How the hell could we break up the culture of grumpness?!
How dare we be happy?
Isn’t being happy a sin?
or *7aram* in Arabic
In fact mostly everything is 7aram Arabic
Happiness is 7aram
Sadness is 7aram
Internet is 7aram
Barbie is 7aram
tjsadhjsh is 7aram
Pick anything, add 7aram, and you would be CORRECT!

But as every other 7aram
You have to justify your claim
Like for instant
Star Academy is 7aram because
“it is meant to take the attention of our youth from other important issues”
Starbucks is 7aram because
“their profit goes to support Israeli military actions”
Women voice is 7aram because
“it may turn on another man!”

Celebrating Petra of becoming a new world wonder is 7aram because
There are people being killed in Palestine and Iraq! Bingo!
And thus,
Jordanians CANNOT smile
Jordanians CANNOT sing
Jordanians CANNOT dance

We should sit in our homes
Watch Al Jazeera!
Swith from one blood scene to another
Fill our anger and hatred gauges
Curse Israel
Curse America
Curse Shei’a
Curse traitor Arabs
Curse anything
Even our wives in the kitchen preparing dinner!

Maybe we can also pick up the phone
Call Al Jazeera
And scream as much as we can
or send a text message that in no time find its place under the screen of any TV channel
Declaring our lack of knowledge in any kind of civil behaviour
Maybe then
We would be *good* Arabs!

Because *good* Arabs are only those who scream
Those who stand in the middle of a crowd
With dozens of body guards around them,
holding guns
Cursing and swearing with every meaningful word they know from the Arabic dictionary.
And stop only for the crowd to clap and chant!

Because we are only allowed to be happy when our leaders give a speech!
And also when a football team win a competition!
We can ignore people being killed in Palestine and Iraq then
Because football is our ring!
It is where we can shout and scream!

The only plausible act in our culture
That is 7alal! (not sinful)
Along with eating! (no pork)

34 thoughts on “How dare you celebrate Petra’s win?!

  1. Jamal, they use stupid reasonings like that we shouldnt celebrate while people in Iraq and Palestine are suffering!You can check a lot of such hatred messages on Al Arabeyeh message boards.


  2. So there are people who watch these messages!!!I second KJ, watch TV is bad for your health and mind!! Try downloading your favorite shows from the internet and watch them on your PC (maybe even, connect the PC to the TV screen)… This way, you’ll filter all the crap including the borings advertisements..


  3. I totally support them. Actually, I just support their hatred to petra. I haaaaaaaate Petra. God damn the Petra. It was the worst touristic place ever and guess what? I am jordanian..But I don’t mind celebrating the other 6 wonders of the world.😀and dude…remember nancy’s new song..its soo relaxing


  4. Note: I am agnosticYour bog is extremely disturbing and stupid. Again, it’s not that how you make traffic. What’s got 7aram or 7alal to do with it? The whole petra voting shit is a fucken rediculous red herring. Let me ask you :1. What’s the benefit that the average Jordanian citizen would get out of this, but skyrocketing of hotel rates which he/she would never possibly visit.2. Who built Petra? Jordanians? I don’t think so. Unless you believe the lies they taught us in fifth grade history books. I think arabs should watch aljazeera and not nancy ajram, because if they kept doing so, they will never become a civilized nation. They will remain “Observers” just like you. wake up people P.S: Fuck petra


  5. والله شعبنا ألاردني ضايع ما بين الخزعبلات والمهاتارات,ليس هناك شئ أسمه أولاويات لهدا الشعب المغيب عن الواقع المؤلم والكارثي,الشعب الاردني من أكثر الشعوب المتخدره،،هناك المجازر والقتل علي جنب وطرف من الشرق والغرب ونحن نترقوص ونتخلوع علي شئ لن ليقدم أو يؤخر في حياتنه ،،،أستيقظ أيها الشعب المغيب والمخدر قبل فوات ألاوان


  6. < HREF="" REL="nofollow">قرأت مدونة بعنوان هل يحق لنا أن نفرح… آلمني شعور الناس بأن الفرح مقياس للمواطنة و كأن من لا يفرح منزوع من إنتمائه للأردن… و كأن الأردن منزوع من هذه الأمة و كأننا نسينا “مثل المؤمنين في توادهم و تراحمهم كمثل الجسد الواحد…”يا أخي ليس من شيمنا أن نعلن أفراحنا إذا كان جيراننا ينصبون بيوت العزاء, قد يفرح البعض بصمت خجلين من إعلانهم الاستعداد لاستقبال أموال السياح و فسادهم و لكن أن يسهر الناس و يسيروا مطلقين الصيحات في شوارع كانت تئن… في شوارع جابتها خيول صلاح الدين يوما ما نحو الأقصى فهذا أمر مخجل و هذا ما كتبت في تعليقييحق لنا أن نفرح في زمن لا يشعر فيه المرء بانتماء لأمة تتمزق… يحق لنا أن نجوب الشوارع نصيح رجالا و نساءا فرحين باعتراف العالم بروعة البتراء ولكن لا يحق لك أن تحرك ساكنا إذا رأيت العالم نفسه يغتال أخاك… اااهيحق لنا أن نفرح و دمنا يسيل صباح مساء… أي عالم نعيش فيه عندما ندرك كل يوم أن أكبر مصائبنا و أكبر إنجازات أعدائنا كما قال قائل… هو أننا لم نعد نشعر أننا أمة واحدة… يحق لنا أن نموت بشيء من الكرامة, بدلا من أن يسجل التاريخ أننا أمضينا ليلا كالنهار وسط ألعاب نارية حمقاء بينما كان إخواننا يحترقون بألعاب نارية من نوع آخر (تعديل) 1<>


  7. you know what this will do for our country you ungrateful faggots, this will boost our economy and Jordan needs every kind of support it gets, whether its from Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Amman…A great man once said, ask not what your country would do for you, but what you could do for your country…. you lazy bitches know nothing but your own benefits, thats why our people will never evolve, its people like you


  8. Zed… يا لك من أحمق،أقراء يا أهبل ما كتب عن الموضوع قبل أن تفتح فمك الساقط،ومن هوا هذا الرجل العضيم الذي أقتبست كلماته يا عبقري زمانك،أليس هوا الرئيس الامريكي جون كنادي يا محترم يا مثقف القرن الواحد العشرين


  9. Woohoo, Observer! Hit some buttons, did you? I though it was clever.Scary- I agree with KJ and DM! :SOFF topic, check out the new JO before you head to Aqaba…your blog made the Super highway section🙂


  10. HaHaHa i was wondering yesterday how long it would take before u get some hate speech going on on this thread i think am starting to enjoy ur comment section rather than the posts lately… they are provide nice entertainment


  11. Husams says:

    sometimes I feel general people mentalities here just like a fly’s brain, keep hitting the window with its head to go out, not knowing the way out is just one step to the left, and we all should stand at the gate of petra, put money in our pockets from tourist to say it bring income to us, or then its useless, just I remember how we were team up to play soccer when we were 6 years old, we all on the ball (literary) , same IQ level. Just I wonder if Japanese after they received their two shiny atomic bombs were thinking in our same brilliant public mentalities of weeping, where would they be now! So we all agree just because people are dying from heart attacks, we should shoot anyone talking about a curing for cold flu, and should not ever try to find a cure for cold flu, That’s proudly how we think, proudly.


  12. It seems that Mr. Jamal Odyssea didnt get it, look the observer is talkin about those close minded ppl (usually desperate religious ppl) who dont want the jordanians to celebrate their success To Hamza I never been to Peta but it looks from the pics a wonderful place to see ..


  13. Ops, I missed all the fireworks! Sorry guys I was just away on a vacation for few days.Kj, well, I like watching Tv, and I relax doing so. I just have to skip Al jazeera!DM, as I told KJ, TV doesnt bother me, it is just some people mentality🙂Hamza!! You are insane man😛, how could you hate Petra?! It is real wonder!fuck petra, you seem to be one of those who don’t see behind their nose! when more tourists comes to jordan, they bring more money to the country, they generate more jobs, and we all would be richer!Dave, thx😛antizionist, I guess that you should be the one to wake up and live your life before it is too late. Too much anger wont get you into heaven! it would give you a stroke!Zed, well said!🙂Kinzi, yeah, seems i hit some buttons!You are wonderful, always giving me the good news🙂, thank you so much! i will check it out! may I tell you that i love you?🙂no_angel, hehehe, I am started to feel the same as well! lolhusams, you are right, some people dont see behind their own noses!gay by nature, thx for the explanation, but it isnt just for religious people who are against us celebrating petra, this is about all the people with anger who dont like others to feel happy!


  14. There are always different views on a topic. If you want to make a decision who is right and who is wrong you must hear the arguments of every side. This is why i asked what was this about. And i asked because i am not able to listen to the other side arguements, now i have a little view of both of them.Now about the success: Petra is one of the most beautiful places maybe in all the world (beautiful colours, nice buildings and the image of what man can do). The ancient native people of Petra (Alanbat) seems to have a high civilization and a good “knowledge” of technology.In my opinion we CAN NOT say that the entrance of Petra in this list of the 7 new wonders in the world is a Jordanian success. I will say why.1. because it would be a Jordanian success if we The today Jordanians made Petra. Petra was made by the ALanbat and modern Jordanian have nothing to do (maybe there is some relations with people that leave near to Petra but for sure not all Jordanians)It would be a success if we were talking about modern buildings, libraries, ….etc.2. There are many other “wonders” as the Acropolis in Athens, the Hagia Sophia in Turkey, The Great Wall in China and many other that stayed out why because people of this country didn’t vote for it. For example in Greece people didn’t know and didn’t give any consideration on this voting. All this process is not an objective one and finaly it is not this important to make it the number one issue that we must discuss. Now about the closed minded. Yes there are such people in every country but the important thing is that WE the “open minded” to think what open mind means and how we could effect on the evolution of our societies? Is the open mind only the agreement on the surface of things or we must get more deep? Is the open mind only the march with what comes from outside and especialy from the west without have a criticised view on it? In my opinion open mind is a person that understand the motivations and the movement of his society, enviroment, country …etc. Open mind is a person who is authentic and not only a “monkey” that walks with what fashion commands. Open mind is a person who has a criticised view, a person who can discuss and prove his arguements.


  15. Jamal, now that you have a clearer view about the topic, we can talk better🙂I disagree with you about that this success isnt a jordanian one. It doesnt have to be a modern invention win for us to consider it a jordanian success. Petra is part of our heritage, it is a histrorical place IN Jordan, the fact that it became a new world wonder means a stronger highlight on this monument where people all around the world would find a better reason to visit Jordan. More tourism mean more money flowing to Jordan, and thus better living conditions to us. That is why it is a success for all Jordanians.I agree with what you said about open minded people, what I am critisizing is those who bash us for celebrating petra’s win for no apparent reason, just for pure self loath or perssimistic behaviour. I do respect people like you who base their critisim on a logical argument where i can discuss.Too bad for the Greeks for not voting much for the Acropolis. It does deserve to be a world wonder, but it is their government fault for not supporting the issue. The competition is legitemate, with official support around the world. We seized the opportunity, and deserve to grab the fruits of our success.


  16. I have a different view on economy subjects!!This award is sure that will rase the touristic trafic in Petra. I have to say that petra is a well known place, many people ask me about Petra when they hear that i am Jordanian. The big question is: Will this rase of the touristic trafic will bring profit to the Jordanian People?For sure it will bring profits to the investors of the touristic buisness, the owners of the hotels, the restaurants …e.t.c (are they Jordanians???). but i don’t think that will give any profits for the Jordanian people of Karak, Maan, Irbid, and any other part of the country simply because they do not own the investements!!If you will tell me that the people will get work i will say to you that they will still take the 200 JDs and nothing more (The same time the investors will take thousands and maybe more!!! from this)So this award improves the state of the investors but do nothing with the state of the people (the working people). Is this a national achievment?? In my opinion No, it is not.


  17. Jamal, here where i disagree with you. Those 200 jds are better than nothing. We have plenty of unemployed young people who are looking for a decen job. when there is more competition and more money, they get to get more. jordanians would have the options to invest as well. small busineses would also nourich by having more tourists and more money.It is a win win situation. Investors do gain money, but also poor people gain as well. Everyone gain and thus it is a win😉


  18. 3 things:1. Competition does not rase the salaries. This is the biggest lie of Capitalism…. I can bring many many examples where competitive buisness reduce salaries, reduce the number of workers…. and the same time they get more more profits.2. 200 JDs are not good. as i know the gas price is about 60 qirs (i am not sure about this price), the bread is about 25….. can a young man live with 200JDs and make a family. You must not compromise with poverty. Working is a human right maybe the most important and we must fight for it. We must fight also to work on a descent way.3. poor people may do an investment!!. This is against the laws of economy where money bring money. If you want to make an investment you need a capital. If you don’t have there is no way to make investments. Realy how many midclass Jordanians own Hotels or touristic buisness??


  19. Well Jamal, look at my case, I work for an American IT company, as a fresh graduate, I started with around 200 jd (now with the competition of IT companies, IT fresh graduates starts with 350-400 jd), with a couple of years working I am making around 1000 a month. I am a middle class citizen, I have co-workers with poorer families backgrounds and they make like me and more.It isnt a lie the competition raises salaries. When companies compete on a pool of resources, the ones paying the more, get the best within those resources, it is very simple.Now as for small business, I am took a loan, and planning to open an ice cream shop with another friend of mine. There is a potential for it to succeed, and more tourism would add to that. Small businesess has potentials in Jordan, infact each country’s economy needs them.There is always a chance for poor people. With more money, the government can have more to offer in terms of increasing such chances.


  20. I hope you will succeed in your investement!!I think that we could open a discussion about this topic: Competition and raise of salaries.I promise you that you will find soon a post in my blog about this topic (give me some time to gather the information i need!!)


  21. 123 says:

    first of all, i completely loved your blog… you put what i have been thinking for a long time now in words that slide very smoothly into the brain, a.k.a. easily understandable! second, as you must have guessed i completely agree with you. Wherever i go, i see people saying everything is 7aram with no justifications what so ever… just this year, after the exams me and all my friends were going to the cinema… so they kept taking photos and discussing movies and stuff so i sat down near to two girls and i heard one say to the other “i dont want to go to English movies coz they are 7aram” (of course in Arabic). Another example would be the Metal and Music culture… everywhere i go i see people saying Metal 7aram… Music 7aram, blah blah blah… of course that irritates me, coz i listen to Metal and its not 7aram… of course with the exception of Black and Doom Metal and sometimes Death (bearing in mind, i dont say they are 7aram… i just say, its better not to listen to them coz of the religion conflicts… that’s all) but that’s only 10 or 15 % of the Metal culture… plus, if you say Music is 7aram, why not tamer hosny?! after all, he’s much worse than the Rock/Metal cultures… at least you can find something in Rock/Metal discussing important issues like politics for example (which i completely dispise by the way) for example Megadeth (whom i’m not a fan of) discuss politics… and even Savatage made an album about some real life incidents like the murder of a journalist fighting the drugs and a ship’s captain who threw stoways from over the ship into the water and left them to freeze to death before drowning… and the list goes on and on… but when we return to tamer we find that he’s talking about love and stuff… these love songs and movies became so much that it made people want to love for the want to love… people nowadays love just to live that moment… nothing more! of course not all, but many are influenced by these kind of songs… plus if you want to listen to some love songs, choose some nice singer or band at least (HiM, Celine Dion, Dido, etc… :D) the same thing also applies to Animes and Cartoons… people dont watch them coz its 7aram to draw a living creature… bearing in mind, those same people are playing video games for example football which have at least 26 people in the game (players and refrees) other than the people watching🙂 so if drawing one creature is 7aram, then playing this game would be a straight way into hell!! oh… i remember one incident… a girl once told two guys who were drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi and hit the cans together as a joke that this action is 7aram and they shouldnt do it and stuff… the two guys (who are very respectful by the way… they respect religion very much yet they are very open minded… they welcome new ideas and discuss them) just said ok… and i’m quite sure they didnt believe her… but i also believe they went and asked a sheikh about it! these are hte kind of people Mother Earth if she was to survive what we are doing to her!! anyway, thanks for your time reading this and i hope it was worth reading the comment like it was worth reading your blog🙂


  22. Maged, sure it is worth reading🙂, thanks for your lovely words, I am happy to hear that you liked my blog. Actually it is sad how the 7aram word is thrown everywhere! We built a culture around it! We use it whenever we want to prevent someone else from doing something we dont like! But when it is something we want, then the 7aram terns into 7alal!!


  23. Dana Hijazeen says:

    i LOVE you for writing this… there is not one post that i have read and not smiled and/or stood back to think for a couple of minutesxoxox


  24. Anonymous says:

    The Observer,

    Your initial piece and the comments to follow are very incoherent and mostly subscribe to commonly known stereotypes and prejudices against the Arab people. You make it sound as if the common trend for people, Arab people, is to want to be unhappy, to ban any form of pleasure, to promote anger and hatred, to glorify violence.

    In reality, that is a very skewed and distorted view of your own culture guised for modernity.

    If your objective is to feul anger and contraversy, you succeed in doing so, but you did not deliver any rational point of view. In fact, you only spoke in the same manner which you accuse those above whom you claim to transcend and look down at their anger.

    The reality is that I am an Arab, and my life is full of celeberations and it is nothing but the norm for everyone I grew up in the Arab world, those who have thousands of reasons to be happy but also have many legitimate reasons to be sad and thoughtful and even angry.

    To ignore two tragic realities, the plight of the Palestinian people and plight of the Iraqi people and claim that the hostility and angry emotions they legitimately continue to stir after decades of misery is nothing but an inherent and cultural attribute to our people is every bit apathetic and misguided. Anywhere in the world, whereever there is a struggle of some sort, suffering of some kind, a violation and tragedy of a national and perpetual proportions, you face the same surge of discontent and anger.

    Even Indians, post 9-11 Americans, and even Israelis express such strong emotions as those whom you singled out.

    Best regards.



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