No this isn’t about women sexuality
Although I loved the traffic generated by talking about it
(Not all traffic) – Those who accused me of having no shame!
But thinking about it, maybe I don’t have
How the hell would I acknowledge women sexuality?!
Do they even feel?!
We men love to feel superior
Maybe because nature -I mean *God*- provided us with bigger bodies!
And smaller brains
So that we dominate our women!
Wrap them up in black
and chain them at home!
We are MEN! We are MEN! Wooohooo

Anyway it isn’t this post’s subject

And no, it isn’t about gay rights
So that I won’t be accused of being immoral
or maybe having a hidden agenda for spreading prostitution
and western culture! lol
Because gays are sub-humans!
They don’t have any rights!
How the hell would a man love another man!
This is beyond God’s master plan for the universe!
It was Adam and Eve! Where did this Steve come from?!
No way!
Nature has no variations
All men are the same.
All women are the same
Big muscles, and big boobs!
Can a women be one with small boobs?! Hell she can’t
After all we are MEN!
and have needs!
Homosexuality is only acceptable for us watching two lesbians at it!
Fantasies are ok?
I told you, we have needs!

It isn’t this post’s subject as well

I won’t be talking about peace!
and won’t be quoting Ghandi!
Because it is absurd to compare ourselves to the Indians!
We are the 300!
What is taken by force, can only get back by force
If we can’t blow them up, we can blow ourselves
Because we can’t live with a scratched honor
The rape of our country is the same as the rape of our sisters!
It is all in the vagina!
Those who call for peace are just..
Don’t know what they talk about?

Anyway, it isn’t the post’s subject too

It is about re-gain product
No, it isn’t a penis enlargement product
(I told you it isn’t about sex)
It is a hair strengthen product
You won’t believe it
It is like magic
Two of my friends are using it
(I won’t be mentioning names, so don’t worry)
One of them, whose bald head started to appear
Turned into the next Elvis Presly!
When we saw him after 2 months of his disappearing
We opened our mouths in wonder!
Is he wearing a wig?!
We tried to pull it off
But it didn’t work!
It was real!
The second one, who used to have nightmares about his hair loss
Followed his suit
and in no time
His hair became stronger and more thick!
If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what it is

I am just relieved now for spreading the word about REGAIN
I know that you men would love it!
No one would attack me for talking about less important problems!
They only do that when I ask for women rights!
But when it is about men’s hair
Then I have all the freedom of speech
and all the love of men

Cheers guys

27 thoughts on “Re-Gain

  1. This made me smile.🙂The last post though, some of the comments kept me from coming back and writing more, so you have forced me to write my own on the subject! Which I said I would anyway, but I guess it is time and risk everyone laughing at me.🙂


  2. KJ says:

    How can you sponsor such a ridiculous product on your blog? Are you advocating the notion that bald men are less human than men with full hair? Are you discriminating them and saying that they should look like all the other regular men?Muscles men of course. Thin, unmuscled men are absurd and are not fit for God’s creations.And you left women out of your post. This product is incredibly sexist that it caters to men only.Disgusting😛😛😛😛😛


  3. I really loved the post until the regain thing, which in principle i like, but I felt (while reading) that im going to read something great but it turned out to be about re-gain ur hair, which I wasnt expecting at all🙂


  4. I may not always agree with your opinions, but I completely respect you for having the guts to dish them out so frankly. We need more bloggers like you.Btw, I liked your post on women and masturbation.


  5. Tamara says:

    KjFor You It may a ridiculous product, but for men who are loosing their hair it is a very important one.Great Post Fadi🙂


  6. Haitham, I am happy that you loved it!🙂Kinzi, I am glad it made you smile! It is bad to know that some comments kept you away from coming back and writing, but on the other hand it is good to know that you are going to write about it yourself. Kj, lol man, I knew I would get a bash😛bashar, hehehe, got you by surprise!😛Natasha, thankkkkkkkkk you!🙂Roba, I feel flattered now! Thanks you🙂Tamtam, thanks dear🙂


  7. Husams says:

    Man tell me you are serious and it’s not just a sarcastic post as it appeared from other commenters perspective… is there any place where i can buy this thing from the local market?


  8. lol i missed the female masterbation one dang it, and worse of all i missed someone quoting for a medical fact that masterbation causes premature ejaculation ! That is mint man.*baffled* is Re-gain the generica alternative to Rogaine ?


  9. Husams, it is real! Go to any nearby pharmacy and ask for it – o ed3eele🙂No_Angel, too bad you missed it! Man you should check up my blog more often😛Hamza, I dont want anyone to start calling me a Pedophile! Lol


  10. Nasser says:

    hehehhehe loved the sarcasium in the begining but i thought it took too long to get to the point:)What about this regain thing well i am not convinced how can it be.Is it really true that two of ur friends used it or they just have two really excellent wigs hehehehe


  11. فوزية أحمد says:

    سأكتب بالعربية عشان ما ننشر غسيلنا الوسخ قدام المحترمين الأجانب ,,,يعني بصراحة,,, أبرد من وجهك الله ما خلق. يا محترم,,, من قام بتعيين حضرت جنابك متحدثاً باسم المرأة وشؤونها؟؟؟ ولا عشان تجيب ترافيك أكتر للبلوج تاعك زي ما حضرتك تفضلت؟ اللي بقرأ المدونة تاعتك بحكي إنه المرأة بالأردن محرومة جنسياً أو مستعبدة ,, وهي في الحقيقة أشكالك اللي عم بتروج لهالمفهوم الخاطئ. يا أخي بدك ترافيك إلجأ لطرق إبداعية, مش تصير تحكي بالجنس والعادة السرية عند البنات وكيف إنه عادي إنه الأطفال يتعرضوا للجنس.وعندي إلك سؤال يا أيها الذي تدعي إنه عقلك متفتح … قبل أن تكتب عن العادة السرية للمرأة، هل سألت أختك أكم مرة بتمارس العادة السرية في اليوم؟ هل سألت أمك إذنها كانت تمارس العادة السرية قبل أو بعد ما تعرفت عالوالد؟ وعجبي … فوزية أحمد


  12. Haitham says:

    Dear فوزية أحمدwith all due respect, are you the president of some sort a national women-sexual-issues organization in jordan? or what?Have you been appointed to speak or discuss on behalf of all women in jordan?Everyone is entitled to express and talk about whatever they want, whenever they want, talking about female masturbation doesnt mean “في حدا قام بتعيينو متحدثاً باسم المرأة وشؤونها”. he just wanted to discuss this subject, and he can simply do that.Have you thought about it in another way, maybe something like he’s trying to help females who cant realy talk about such thing, and have problems about it?He helped them, no?And since you took the time to visit the blog and make a comment, would you like to share anything about the topic of female masturbation with us?


  13. Lol Nass, well it is true! Believe me! Their hair is natural!😛Wedz, walla emb3asseb wala she, I just wanted to draw a smile on your faces. What is this movie you are talking about?DV, lol, you are hilarious man (and between us, you are the one with no shame! ;))Marie, thanks, I am glad you loved it. I guess you can check in the pharmacy near you🙂فوزية أحمد Why are you angry? Because I am telling the truth? For your information women have not yet achieved their full rights in the entire world, not just in Jordan.Sure in Jordan women are still under opression. A man can sleep around as much as he can, and we consider him a hero (fa7el!) while a woman has to stay virgin till she gets married! WAKE UPAre you angry because I touched your wound? I highlighted the organ that hurts you the most? You go and live without sex as much as you like, but let others talk about, and let me at least ease the guilt of thousands of women in our society who feel shame for just acknowledging their sexuality!O besara7a “Abrad men wejhek ente allah makhala2”Haitham, thx dear. Some people just go mad on things because they are not familiar with. Sadly, some women do believe that they were born to be opressed! It is a long time heritage! Hope we would get rid of it soon!


  14. فوزية أحمد says:

    A friend of mine sent me the link to your blog and I quote her exact words (cut and paste) “Hi Fawzia. Check this disgusting blog. Here is a Jordanian 20 something year old person who thinks he’s the best to talk on behalf of us. So the life-long fights we’ve gone through don’t matter, and the real cause that we’re struggling for means nothing. What really matters is how women masturbate and how they express their sexuality”. There’s more but that doesn’t matter.First of all, let me address the women’s spokesperson’s spokesperson. If you didn’t get that, I sarcastically meant that the women of Jordan have finally appointed the little Arab obliterator (this name suits you better) to speak on behalf of their issues, and the Arab obliterator has appointed ignorant Haitham here to speak on behalf of him, because ignorant Haitham thinks the Arab obliterator is too weak to speak on behalf of himself and the Arab Obliterator acknowledges that by saying “thx dear. Some people just go mad on things because they are not familiar with. Sadly, some women do believe that they were born to be oppressed! It is a long time heritage! Hope we would get rid of it soon!”First of all, Haitham, yes I am a spokeswoman on women’s issues, and yes, I have been appointed to talk on behalf of women on several international-level events and occasions, but I don’t want to go into this and if you want someone to get you off on how women masturbation go ask your mom. Turning men on is not my specialty.The Arab Obliterator, I am not angry at you, you’re too little of an issue for me to be angry at. I have more important and worthy causes that make me angry, not a little mosquito talking on behalf of women on a silly website. I am more concerned about the real thing, the real struggle, which only a woman can know about. I am not angry at all, I’m just surprised to see that a Jordanian male thinks he is the best judge to talk about women’s issues, and I don’t want to get into the other absurd topics such as pedophilia because that’s a separate topic and would take hours of my time and that is too much for someone like you.I can see that you’re the one who got angry because I was the one who said the truth, unlike all those ignorant blind followers here who say “I loved your post, I loved your post” without basing their silly love to your post on any foundations. I’m sorry that I called you barid (بارد وجه) but you are. You’re not just barid, you’re an ignorant barid too.I just noticed that you didn’t answer my question: did you ask your sister(s) how many times does/do she/they masturbate every night, or what do they think of when they masturbate? Or did you ask your mother if she masturbated before/after she met your father? Or are these issues only addressed anonymously on the net?The Arab Obliterator, you’re just another example of people who think that the development of our nation and women’s rights start by addressing women’s sexual needs. But you’re too ignorant to see the bigger picture. It is exactly like someone saying that the only way to solve the issue of unemployment in Jordan is by opening new businesses. No logic, no solution, just useless talk. You are more ignorant than I thought and I do regret the 2 minutes I spent here.I did not want to say this in English and save ourselves the embarrassment and the mocking of other nationalities, but you two ignorant silly men forced me to.Finally, I would like to say that if you are doing all of this just for the sake of getting more hits on your blog, then you’re doing a good job. But I do really hope that people here do have brains to realize that you’re fake, and that no one in the world can stand up for women but women themselves.PS: I will not be visiting this blog again. So you can take advantage of that. My time will be more utilized in trying to solve women’s issues in real life. Warmest Regards,Fawzia


  15. Anonymous says:

    am really really curious, how many times did she check the website after she posted it.Oh the first arabic troll i spotted.going troll hunting😛 this is too much amusement


  16. Fawzia, now that you said that you wont visit this blog again, which probably you would, but I wouldn’t spend much time writing a comprehensive reply to your last comment, I just wonder how much truth there is in your message where you say that you have much better important things to do in your life rather than spending time on my *silly* topic, while you show that you are much interested in it by writing such long provocative and insulting reply.If you are a Jordanian women advocate as you say, then I feel even worse about the women condition in Jordan for having women leaders like you that are not just ignorant of women needs, but also lack of self respect and communication skills.


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