My heart beats

Have been running since I was born
Have been running even before that
in my mother’s womb

Fast and slow, up and high
Never stopped, never slept

Except once

The moment I met you

They stopped
Time stopped
My world

A single moment represented the eternal time

The moment when my sight fall on you

My heart beats knew
They knew that they haven’t been running for nothing

They knew that their journey would never be the same
They would never feel coldness again
They would never feel fear again
There would be no sorrow, no pain

Their redness blossomed
Their steps grew larger
Their confidence hit the sky

Their linear march tunrned into a wavey one
because they started jumping in joy

Their fear of reaching their final destination got vanished
because they know that
when they do

The hearts where they stamped their journey details
would lie next to each other

In an eternal embrace
That resembles our love

Happy Valentine day my love…


Dirty cats, dirty people!

Yesterday, while driving my car with my friend, a cat passed across the street in front of me.

My friend’s reaction was “Ewwww, what a disgusting cat!”

I nodded my head in agreement.

It seems that the poor cat had to go though a lot in her life. She looks so much dirty. Her hair is untidy and stinky. She looks like she is sick or something.

Thinking of how cute other cats look made me think of how much we are in fact like cats in this department.

There are clean good looking people vs dirty untidy people. There are people who know how to take care of themselves while others who don’t know what exactly the word hygene means. There are people who smell good while others who smell bad.

It made me think how come some cats, and I am talking about street cats, with much less intelligence than human beings are able to take care of their look and hygene while there are many people who don’t seem to know how to do that?

It does make me wonder if something are just meant to be!

What do you think?

80’s and 90’s in amman

I usually don’t read forward emails, but I don’t know why this one caught my attention. It has been widely spread, and another blogger has already pasted the whole list on his blog. I am not going to do so, but reminding that time, some other things popped into my memory:

1. We all wore proudly a green or a maron jeans! Ewww I can’t believe that it was a hot item!
2. Most of us had a so BIG colorful hand swatch watch
3. Everyone wor a “bostar” that military shoes, which evolved later on into a caterpillar craze, for a period of time the Yellow color dominated our shoeses (some people are still stuck to it), then the craze moved to the dark brown/black ones.
4. The most popular girl used to be identified by her forehead hair, the higher the better.
5. Everyone watched The bold and The beautiful on Jordan TV channel 2 (Amman 2). May I tell you a secret? I still watch it!
6. Tom and Jerry wasn’t only our favourite cartoon, but it was our favourite fast food restaurant as well.
7. We had our house/school windows taped during the first gulf war.
8. We all dreamt of the Arabian Union.
9. We had some fights over who is stronger the US or the USSR!
10. Guys read egyptian puzzles short books (We all know Takhtakh). Girls read Abeer romantic novels.
11. Our idols became Sonic or Mario!
12. Who missed the Body Guard? Whitney Houston was the best.

The Origin of Marriage

There are things in life that we take for granted thinking that it has always been like this. I once came into a debate where a biology professor explained how marriage evolved from an evolution point of view. The read is very interesting. I guess you would like to check it up and decide for your self.

In order to understand why marriage originated one has to take a look at two allied trends in human psychology. The first is that men and women’s genetic interests are *not* the same but are, in fact, in competition. The second, which flows from the first, is that it is in the interests of both parties to only be supporting those off-spring that they can reasonably afford to. Now, for the mother, that question is relatively simple to work out–she supports the children that came out of her womb first and foremost and if there’s anything left over then adoptive or step-children can benefit as well. For the father, that question is a little harder to work out. It’s in *his* genes best interests not to support another man’s children but he has no way of knowing, with reasonable certainty, which children are his and which are not–unless there were some way of buying an insurance policy against being cuckolded. Marriage is such an insurance policy.

How does marriage insure against a man supporting children that are not genetically his? Notice that the legacy (and in some cases not-so-legacy) penalties for adultery almost *always* fell on the woman much more harshly than the man. Did you ever stop to think about why that is? Marriage was originally designed as a *generational property transfer* with women being the property in question. The father transfers ownership of his daughter to the husband–*literally* this was what marriage was originally intended for. The emphasis on virginity has *nothing* to do with sexual purity and everything to do with making certain that a man isn’t going to marry a woman who is *already* pregnant with the child of another man.

The first *institutional* codes for marriage were written in the Hammurbic Laws (see Gerda Lerner’s “The Creation of Patriarchy) and the Levitical marriage codes, from which we Westerners inherited our marriage codes, are direct line descendants of the Hammurbic Laws. But in ALL human cultures one sees the following things:

* Father’s ‘give away’ their daughters
* The *ideal* bride is a young woman who is a virgin.
* The penalties for adultery are harsher on women than on men.
* The prescription on pre or extra-marital sex are much more severe and enthusiastically enforced on women than on men.

In MANY cultures divorce is easier for men to obtain than for women. (Running the gamut from impossible to merely extremely difficult.)

ALL of this is more or less exactly what one would *expect* if marriage were originally instituted to protect the genetic interests of men against the genetic interests of women. Now, did the Ancients conceive of it this way? Of course they didn’t! But one of the great human forms of art is self-deception. The idea of ‘romantic’ love leading to marriage is a recent creation of Western civilization, being no more than between 500 and 700 years old. Before that marriage was pretty blatantly a matter of economics (there’s a *reason* why sons are more prized than daughters in agrarian cultures and it’s because sons don’t cost their families a ‘bride price’ whereas daughters *do*). We in the West have just fooled ourselves into believing that marriage has *always* been about love, but it hasn’t and there’s nothing in the history of our species to suggest that it has.

(Please keep in mind that I am talking about our Ancestral populations and the *average* behavior and its effects over time.)

Is that why we are still emphasising on the virginity of our women?

If Speech is silver, then silence is golden

Isn’t that what they teach us in our childhood? If speech is silver, then silence is golden (Eza al kalam men fedda fal sokoot men dahab). Silence is one of the qualities that they try to inject in us in the Arab world.

Silence is good, despite our differences, everyone seems to agree on that. They give us examples of situations and daily encounters where they show that silence has been the best practice to keep safe and win.

I wonder how long has “Silence” been our favourite choice. Reading history Arabic history before Islam and for decades after it, one can see that our prominant quality has always been “Speech”. I guess that “Speech” was even considered more important thant physical power at some point in our history where muscles were needed much more than our current time. Men used to conduct “Speech” fights within themselves rather than physical fights. The better speaker used to be highly regarded than the others.

How did that change? and why?

Yes, it is true that “Silence” can be a better choice in certain situations, but it isn’t the right choice always. Most of the time speaking up to set things straight is better.

As a child I was subjected to follow this way of thinking. Being the good boy who I was, I certainly memorized this idiom and applied it in my daily activities. I was nearly always silent! I was shwy to speak up, and I thought that it is the right thing to do.

When I used to get misjudged, I stayed silent. When I had a new idea to present at school, I remained silent. When I needed something, I chose silence and never asked.

I figured out that “Silence” doesn’t win me any points in terms of social value. I have never won any friends by being silent. I have never gained more respect to myself by being silent. I have always regretted not standing up for my rights because of my silence.

As I grew up, I knew better. I learnt that if silence is silever, then Speech is not just golden, it is more than that. Speech is diamond. It is our sword. Our power to stand out from the crowd.

I guees that I am not the only one who realized this. Arab bloggers are aware of the power of Speech. We won’t remain silent anymore. We choose Speech to voice out our thoughts and make changes in our surroundings.

Keep up the good work guys, and keep on talking….

My impression of the top 8 dedicated readers of my blog

I would like to write a bit about my impression of the most dedicated readers to my blog where I may not have met in person but through their ideas and writings on their blog have came up of an idea of what they are like.

Kinzi: The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of Kinzi is that she is a “Mother”. Her compassion and tenderness show in every post of her. At her blog we can see how much she cares about her own kids (Kinzikids) and with her correspndence with other fellow young bloggers we can see that her motherhood is not explicit to her own kids only, but giving mature and responsible advices to others as well.

Saadna: Spontanious is her promenent quality. She is young and energetic. She has a great sense of humor and a unique writing style (You know how much I like reading your blog Saad?). I doesn’t help but to smile whenever I read a post of hers. She mixes childless attitude with mature open minded thinking.

Devil’s mind: Genious. He is very Intelligent and Intellictual. He has a blog that I actually learn when I read on. Sometimes I can’t understand the mathematical equasions and physical laws he talks about, but I like the way he introduces ideas and argue logically leading you to realize things you have never thought of.

RedRose: A sweet young girl. She is doing so well on her blog. She writes in both English and Arabic. She has an excellent sense of humor as well where she can reflect social problems in a sarcastic way to show our flows while drawing a smile on our faces.

Average-Moh: Where have you been man? This young man has only started his blog recently. He has been a dedicated reader to my blog for months now. We tend to disagree but I do respect and admire his input. He has a light and nice blog where he reflects his own thoughts of life.

A-Mock: Good friend, new blogger. Here I can’t talk about my impressions of him through his writings only as I know this guy in person. He is so creative and artistic. Recently I have come to realize that he is a good poet as well. His blog is less than a month old but does have good potential.

Wish you all the best…


Sorry guys I forget another 2

Marie: She is a very spiritual person. She shares with me my passion to Paulo Coelho writings. I do admire her spiritual take on life. She is planning on her own Pilgrimage soon. I can’t wait to read about that in details on her blog.

Qwaider: Sorry man I forget you before. Now, I add you in my updated list. Who doesn’t know Qwaider? :). I guess that my impressions of him are a bit affected by others impression of him as well. Qwaider is a very active memeber on the Jordanian blog sphere. He seems to be dedicated to making his blog to be one of the tops. He does introduce many nice subject to people to discuss. I guess that what differenciate him mainly is his desire to object. I feel that he always like to take the other side in order to make a debate. while some people might find this quality annoying, I do think that it is a positive treat because peopel always learn this way.

Qwaider is going a great job holding bloggers togather after Jordan Planets stopped serving us. Thanks Qwaider for your efforts on Qwaider Planet.

Hope that I didn’t forget anyone else. For those I did, please forgive me 🙂