My niece, isn’t she adorable?

20 thoughts on “My niece, isn’t she adorable?

  1. ya waylee shu 7elweee;)))))) Alla ye7miyya;) w ykhallilna el sha3b el Ordoni taytalle3lna beautiful generation such as your niece;)))w Lebenen kamen lol!


  2. redrose says:

    Ma azkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha..
    the third photo remind me of sweet inocent Hidei ..

    BTW..bet5abtbu banatkum zg’ar? bta3tuna y3ni? alla y5alilha ayakom😉


  3. 🙂 she is adorable guys, I couldn’t but to share those photos with you. I am sure she drew a smile on your faces.

    Redrose, Reem, we are gathering application lal khottab, we have a long list till now😛


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