Common recurring dreams

Falling from a height
Running down fast in a slop, going faster and faster in accelerating pace, suddenly feeling myself, and out of speed, loosing my contact with the ground, and raising high in the sky, higher and higher, till reaching a point where the energy of speed consumed. I stop for a moment, then fall back to the ground, from so high in the sky.

Going to school shoeless
In the morning, my father driving me off to the school. Rush into the hall greeting my friends in this lovely morning where I sense something wrong in my feet, look down, I realized that I am walking with a bare foot! what an embarrassement?! What can I do?

Finding money
In a garden, looking at the muddy ground, suddenly finding a small coin, little amount of money, pick it up just to find another coin nearby, look around, find more and more.

A baby boy
What a cute baby boy, my mother did it again, and new little brother for me. It is so cute. How can my mom deliver at this age again? His face is so big. He is adorable. Or is it my son? Who is his mother? I don’t know her? I love the boy, I have to marry his mother although I don’t know her. For his sake. My son!

A snake bite
Suddenly, from nowhere, I feel some pain in my leg, I look down, it is a snake, I try to pull it off, it is so elastic, as I pull more, it gets longer and longer.

whether it is a nice dream or a horrible nightmare, one has to wonder why some dreams repeat itself so often. Sometimes when you share it with others, it isn’t surprising to know that others have dreamt of the same things. Falling from a height is so common between people. I wonder what do it mean? Maybe a sudden fall in blood pressure at a certain point in my sleep. Sometimes it is the feeling of falling from the bed. At other times, I dream like I have discovered a way to fly, just tilt your body to the front, wave your hands, and here I am flying. It gets me excited, amazing feeling. Going up and up, high in the sky to only realize that I can’t go on, then fall! Waking up before reaching the ground! Thank God. I would have died!

It sure has to do with our subconsious. Someone told me that the baby thing means that I have a problem which I am trying to supress. I wonder how true this is.

What about other dreams? Going to school with bare foot? or wearing a pijamma? what about forgetting my books bag? or forgetting to study for an exam? sometimes it forgetting about attending a course at the university only to remember it by the end of the semester knowing that I have missed a lot!

Have you had such dreams? I bet you did.

A terror attack nightmare

I just wake up today frightened as I have dreamt of being at my best friend’s house where we were fixing a shisha and about to sit in their hourse terrace when suddenly I recognized two airforce planes shooting missles somewhere, and then looking forward, I noticed this huge rocket launcher which seemed to be several kilometers away from my friend’s place shooting rocket around us, where the fire of one of the blast reached their garden, and hit my car’s tire!

It is funny how we relate things in our dreams, like for instance quickly jump into thinking that this is a terror attack. At first, I don’t know why Iraq popped into my mind, maybe there is some residue in my subconscious of how we felt in 1990 during the Iraqi war, but in no time, I was sure it is a terror attack! I was like “oh my god! They did it again!”

Last year amman blasts seems to impact us more than we realize. Sense of security is one of our basic needs. Unfortunatly it has been shaken. And while I am not the kind of person who keeps on worrying where I manage to ignore things and enjoy living my life, still something can affect you without you being aware of it.

Speaking of the subconscious, and the shisha. After struggling for a year trying to cut the amount of smoking shisha from nearly once a day to once a week, I decided to cut it all a months and a half ago. Since then, I have fought the temptation of smoking it everytime I go out with my friends where they order one. Now with Ramadan, it is even harder! I don’t know how I can go on with Ramadan without smoking shisha! But I am managing to do so. Maybe that is why it appeared in my dream. After my friend fixed it, I was thinking in the dream that it is okay to smoke it a bit, but then after he has it done, even in my dream I felt that I need to be strong in holding my temptation, and so I told him that no I wont smoke it.

I was pleased when I woke up. There was no terror attack, and I didn’t smoke shisha!

Thank God! What a wonderful day today is….

A tribute to the Queen

Like a fairy tale, Rania turned from a regular woman into a Queen when prince Abdulla’s sight fall over her.

Being overwhelmed with her new reality, trying to keep her foot on the ground, absorbing her new role as a Queen and facing her obligation to her people must have put a great pressure on this young lady.

What’s fascinating is the elegant way our Queen faced the overwelming pressure and presented herself to us and to the world.

Taking her role seriously, and after several years of practicing her duties, one can feel a sense of proud having such a woman working hard to push forward many human and women rights issues.

It is amazing how much difference one can make when he is in power. Bad authority leads to disasters while good one leads to miracles.

We have built a cultural norm to abide from complimenting our leaders. A common attitude has grown between us to attack those who are in charge, and therefore it is becoming hard to see the good in a person when he takes the lead in our countries. But sometimes, the sun shines without leaving any room to darkness.

We are blessed with a young king and queen, who seem to be determined in making a difference to our lives.

Memes vs Genes

In the past couple of years, the term gene, its definition, and its impact has become so popular not only in the scientific community but also in the mainstream culture.

Genes are widley known to be the basic building blocks of the bodies of any living creatures. It is the hidden code in our bodies that dictates our looks, our treats and behaviour. A gene is the unit of heredity in living organisms. Most of us are aware of the concept of evolution and natural selection introduced by Charles Darwin as we have been taught this theory in school.

While genes dictates things related to our physical body, a new term (not much new) came to exist by Richard Dawkins to describe the inheritance of human information. It is the “MEME

The term “meme”, coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins, refers to a unit of cultural information transferrable from one mind to another. Dawkins said, Examples of memes are tunes, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. A meme propagates itself as a unit of cultural evolution analogous in many ways to the gene (the unit of genetic information). Often memes propagate as more or-less integrated cooperative sets or groups, referred to as memeplexes or meme-complexes.

We do inherit our ideas and information in the same mean of inheriting our physical treats.

Memes are as strong as genes, that is why you can see people stick hardly to their memes that they inherited of their parents and culture they have been raised into.

But as genes are subjected to evolution through a natural selection process, so does the memes. A natural selection dictates the evolution of our memes. Some ideas do cease to exist with time, and while fossils managed to save copies of extinct genes, books have managed to keep our lost memes.

In the same vein of competitvness and adaption to environment some ideologies cease to exists while others grow stronger and spread.

While the evolution of mems were going in a slow pace over the past thousands of years, it is now subjected to a faster process of adaptation because of the recent human development especillay using the new advancement in the technology of communication where our memes are mixing like never before creating new hyprid of ideas that are struggling to win over and survive.

Our instinct are not only programmed to protect our genes, but also our memes as well. Maybe that is why we see a lot of people go to the extreme in order to protect what they believe in.

Love isn’t crazy

Who said that love is crazy? Love is pain? Love is sleepless, insomnia, tears and torture?

Why do we think that we have to suffer for love? In Elissa’s song “men albi tmanait” She wonders how people love and how they sleep the night while in love. As if being in love means bye bye to sleep.

While it is nice to hear songs that has this touch of showing strong emotions, but we should be aware that love doesn’t have to be this way. Love should be a comforting force. Love can be relaxing, security and content.

When you are in love, you sleep the whole night with a smile. Feeling the presence of your lover even when he/she is physically away.

When you are in love, you feel content, calmness and peace just touching the hand of your lover.

It shouldn’t be a constant fear of losing your lover, or an obsession to keep him/her around, or a possessive attitude of ownership. In the contrary, it should inflict happiness, content, and a feeling of being special when looking in the eyes of your lover.

Love is sane. It is harmony. It is satisfaction.

When I am with my lover, the world stops. No more time, no more worries. Only a present lasting moment of content.

If I am a donkey

If I am a donkey, would I ever complain of the load of work?

Would I ever bother myself thinking of where I came from… where I am going to… what is coming next… what shall I want to achieve… or ever get concerned of how I look… what I have and what I have not?

Does being a donkey mean that I would have a peace of mind… forgetting about the past, and not bother looking in the future… just living my current moment enjoying my laziness under the sun?


Would I look at human beings… wonder about how much a mess they put themselves concerning about every tiny aspect of their lives… take a deep breath and… sight

Social Pressure – Page 11 (Final)

This is the final page of my story. I am thankful to all, those who read silently, and those who provided me a feedback. Hope that you like the ending.

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Social Pressure – Page 11

Fortunately, Suha was waiting for her with open arms. She didn’t have any resentments of what happened. She didn’t even say “I told you so”. She was so considerate, and tried to console her friend.

“You know Sarah; you never know what other paths of life you would have chosen. Don’t regret what ever happened to you. At least you have this beautiful gift – your son – to take care and live for. Do you think that my choice was better? My husband cheated on me with another woman. My situation isn’t better than yours. I ended up divorced with two kids to take care of, why don’t you seek divorce like I did?” Suha asked.

“I am sorry to hear what happened with you as well Sarah. You know my family is more traditional than yours, and I can see how tough it has been for you to live in this country as a divorced woman. I wish I am as strong as you, but I can’t. I will keep my family and protect it” Sarah said then proceeded “I just don’t want to see other people going through what me and Ali went through. I don’t want this to happen to my son or to your daughter. Sarah we need to do something about it.”

Her pain built a new goal in her life. She now wants to reach other women and help them. She went back to school. She decided to pursue a degree in human rights. Ali didn’t object her new enthusiasm. He fully supported her. She earned her Masters and PH.D degrees, and became active in claiming the rights for other women in her country.

She gained a much respected social role. She built an excellent career and reputation defending the rights of other people. Family and friends looked at her in envy, portraying her family as the example of perfection. No body knew about the reality of her relationship with Ali. They both lived their lives and became more of a best friends and supporter and held that family tight for the sake of their son. They both became successful in their careers.

After he died, she respected his memory. She has never bad mouthed him and cherished him in front of her son who never knew about his father’s secret.

In her lectures to the public she used to say:
“Our diversity as human beings is hard to conform to some social set of rules. What is a social norm for you might not be for another person. We need to stop hiding our shortages in order to meet certain norm. Let us uncover the lies of our society and face our problems instead of working around them and hide our heads in the sand.
Compassion, people, is all what we need to have. Compassion…”

The End

If I am superman

If I am superman, would I feel guilty taking some rest or having some private fun time for me that means I would miss saving many souls around the world?

Would I hope that there are many other supermen to help me saving the world?

Would I be tempted to use my superpowers to achieve personal pleasure?


Would I dream to be a normal man, without all the hectic of being a super one?

Social Pressure – Page 10

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Social Pressure – Page 10

She didn’t expect to ever see him crying like that in front of her. He is her man, she still loves him. She tried to fight that urge of hugging him, but she couldn’t. She approached him and hugged him “Stop crying, you are a man, I don’t like to see you like this” she said while crying herself.

He hugged her back “I am sorry Sarah, you deserve much better, I am ready for anything you want. If you want a divorce I would respect that. I just want us to keep this marriage for the sake of our son” he said, “and I don’t want this to get out, you have to keep it between us no matter what”

“You are asking me to keep this farce? She asked. “Yes, for the sake of our son and our family” he said, and then asked “What alternatives you have? Do you think it is better to go back and live under your father control? You know that he would be stricter controlling your life now that you are a divorced woman than even before you got married. Being a divorced woman is not nice in our society. Please let us try to make this work. I will take care of you in every aspect except you know…”

“Let me think about it. I just need to ask you this. Why did you marry me Ali? You said that you have no attraction for women at all, so why did you marry me in the first place?” She asked “Sarah, I think that you can understand why. You do understand the pressure of our society on us to get married. You have been there yourself. You know that I am the only son of my parents. Their dream was to see me happily married and to see their grandchildren. I tried to fight their pressure for years, coming up with various excuses, but then I reached to an age where I couldn’t go on without being married. I also wanted a family for my own, I want my own kids. I want to live a normal life. I don’t want to grow up alone either. I am sorry for dragging you into this, I have been selfish regarding you, but I hope that we can work something out” he said.

She asked him to leave the house that night. She needed some space and time to think about everything that happened. She looked around her and examined her alternatives. She is now dependent on him financially as she decided to devote her life to her family after she got married. It is hard for her to go back again and support herself and her son. She then thought of her father and what a divorced daughter would do to him. She doesn’t want to live that life again under his custody and she knows that he won’t let her live alone as a single woman.
Then there is the most important person in her life, her son. She can do anything for him. She doesn’t want him to grow up with separated parents.

First she tried to search for ways to change her husband sexual orientation. She had to read about homosexuality. She asked him to go to a psychiatrist with her. He didn’t resist the idea, and showed much sincerity towards her till she came to a realization that this is the way it will always be. Her husband sexual orientation cannot change. She needs either to accept this life with him or divorce him and move on.

She searched for her lost friend Suha. Suha owed her an apology. She now realizes how wrong she was when she didn’t hear what Suha told her before her wedding. She was so obsessed with the idea of getting married. Her goal blinded her that time. She lost her life time best friend for this marriage.

To be continued (one page to go)…

Alcoholism is a disease

For years people have treated alcoholics in a bad way because of their misjudgement of those misfortune people who are cursed with such addiction.

Even in open societies where drinking alcohol is not forbidden as it is socially accepted there was and still prejudice in treating those who develop the addiction. People don’t understand why someone can’t be strong enough to hold himself of abusing alcohol. Usually people scale on themselves to make a judgement, like thinking I can hold myself, why can’t he? A conclusion would be that the one who can’t is a loser.

Recent scientific studies have proved that alcoholism is a disease, it is an inherited tendency that can be compared to other inherited diseases such as diabetes.

Alcoholism has little to do with what kind of alcohol one drinks, how long one has been drinking, or even exactly how much alcohol one consumes. But it has a great deal to do with a person’s uncontrollable need for alcohol. This description of alcoholism helps us understand why most alcoholics can’t just “use a little willpower” to stop drinking. He or she is frequently in the grip of a powerful craving for alcohol, a need that can feel as strong as the need for food or water. While some people are able to recover without help, the majority of alcoholic individuals need outside assistance to recover from their disease. With support and treatment, many individuals are able to stop drinking and rebuild their lives. Many people wonder: why can some individuals use alcohol without problems, while others are utterly unable to control their drinking? Recent research has demonstrated that for many people a vulnerability to alcoholism is inherited. Yet it is important to recognize that aspects of a person’s environment, such as peer pressure and the availability of alcohol, also are significant influences. Both inherited and environmental influences are called “risk factors.” But risk is not destiny. Just because alcoholism tends to run in families doesn’t mean that a child of an alcoholic parent will automatically develop alcoholism.

Such discoveries can give us an explanation of why some people can drink in excess without developing any kind of dependency on alcohol, while others who do start drinking in small portions can easily become addicted.

Alcoholics need all the support we can provide them in order to be able to quite. Some find it so hard to do some. Others would die in the process. It isn’t a matter of a strong will as it is a matter of how severely one’s body is dependent on alcohol.

There is no treatement for Alcoholism. If one is an alcoholic, he will always be. It doesn’t mean that he can’t stop drinking, but it means that the craving for alcohol can be triggered easily leading him to fall in addiction again.

In our society, there is no tolerance to alcohol at all because drinking is forbidden in Islam. Some don’t even recognize the difference between someone who drinks alcohols and another who is actually addicted. A lot consider those who drink as immoral people because alcohol is considered to be one of the big sins in Islam (Al Kaba2er).

One can imagine how shameful an alcoholic would feel in our society because he doesn’t have the luxury to repent as some others who can drink and stop when they want and can.

Most alcoholics go in a long phase of denial. Refusing to accept their problem because of their fear of how society would look on them. This can only lead them to their death.

It is sad, because of our lack of tolerance, we miss the opportunity of saving many lives.

Read here a comprehensive article about alcoholism: