5 nice realizations of life

5. Love and Friendship
What makes you feel your humanity and being alive is the ability to share it with other people. Having people around you to trust and love does make life beautiful.

It is a common need. No matter how much failures you get in love or in friendships, you can always start over again.

4. Most pleasurable things in life are physical
There is nothing pleasurable as a glass of water when you are thirsty, a sandwiche when you are hungry, a bath when you stink, a bed when you are exhausted, sex when you are horney, and a bathroom seat when you need it.

We all search for love and spiritual fulfillment which is good, but it is nothing like fulfilling a physical need.

3. There is no evil people
There is ignorant and misfortunate people but there is no evil ones.

We grow to hate and fear other people who differ than us. No matter what kind of difference it is, an easy way out is to demonize the person.

Life brings many different people in our paths, whether the difference is in ideology, in faith, in color, in sex, in race,..etc, with time you become to realize that people are people, we share same core, no one is evil, but most of us are ignorant. Life teaches us.

2. Growing up
Remember the excitement of feeling your body growing up at teenage? Measuring your height from time to time, comparing it to other people, observing your voice tone getting harsh, your muscles growing up in the process of becoming a man. Also, as woman, observing changes going in your body, feeling yourself growing up from a little girl to a complete woman…

That excitement fades away when you reach your adulthood, nearly around the age of 18. While a person used to lie in order to make himself older before becoming an adult, he starts lying about his age to make himself look younger afterwards.

I realized that there is another path of growing up. Your physical body can stop growing, butr you mind can’t.

For a normal person, it grows in a slow pace, but for some who read, it can be a pleasurable and noticable experience. I find much pleasure in reading, I feel like growing up each time I read a book. I only started reading last year, after several years of being the same, my excitement of growing up came back. There is no limits this time, I will keep on growing up as long as I live, and will count my age years in pleasure knowing that each year I will reach a different height.

1. Parents love
Imagine how hard life can be without parents love. Knowing that there is two people who love you unconditionally, with no boundaries no matter what you do, or how much you go astray.

Just feeling the love in their eyes make me feel happy and safe. My parents have my rock, holding me whenever I fail, pushing me to go on, and giving me all what I need to face my life obstacles.

They are a reason to love being alive.

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Different means of practicing friendship in 2006

In the current era of booming in communication media, friendship is taking different shapes. We might not have realized it yet, but we all live it in a way or another.

Fifteen years ago, friendship was manifested in 3 means, as of seeing your friend on a regular basis, if you can’t then regular phone calls, and finally sending postal letters.

Now in addition to those old means of practicing friendship, we have many other means. Sending postal letters have turned into E-mails. Regular phone calls moved from still phones to mobile phones. In addition to the calls, now people can send text messages as well. Now people have chat friends, blog friends, …etc

While still having regular old fashioned friendship relationship with many people, I came to realize that I have other friends that I correspond with only by certain means. I have friends that I have never met before and only correspond with via Emails, others via message boards, some via blogs, and some using only chats.

The level of closeness differ from a person to person, and I am not sure if the term friendship can be used on describing such relations.

I have also learnt that I do enjoy people in different means. Like some friends are best to have a one to one face to face conversation with, some is more enjoyable with a group of people, some is more likeable when having a one to one conversation but not face to face as of a phone call, others excel in internet text chat rather than voice chats.. etc

Now I have a best friend in general, best phone friend, best Email friend, best chat friend, best message board friend, best water friend (as of swimming), …etc

Christian family discussing the war on Lebanon

Back to my granparents house, all of the family are gathered there discussing the Lebanese current affair.

My aunt opened the subject “Did you hear the news of today? Hezbollah had a strike, they killed 12 Israeli soldiers”

Everyone seem to hear the news, and is delighted of what they heard, they all nodded their heads with a smile except her husband who groaned a bit then said reluctantly “Mmmmm, I don’t know. To tell you the truth, I want Hezbollah to lose.”

They all looked at him in surprise as he tried to explain his stand “You know, if Hezbollah won, it won’t be good for Christians in Lebanon. Do I have a backward mentality?”

My dad stepped in and said “Well, you are wrong, we, Arab Christians, have been living among Muslims for 1400 years now. Do you know that at Al-Omaween era nearly half of the ministers were Christians? Muslims have been good to us. Treat us with respect and provide us with security. They are far better than Jews to us. We are ‘Ah el Ketab’ to them (People of the book)”

My aunt again said “It is sad, this hatred between Arabs and Jews would never end if we keep on killing each other, new generations inherit bitterness and sense of revenge. There seem to be no end to this cycle.”

My cousin said “You know, in the Tora/Old Testemony, God promised the Jews to create a dump nation that would keep on bothering them as a punishment” (I have no idea a punishment for what)

“Really?” We asked, “Yes, it is written in the bible” My aunt agreed with my cousin.

My other aunt who lives in the US said “You mean that it is a reference to us the Arabs as the dump nation? Ewww, no we are not, I am sure it is another nation. Why the hell did they implant the Jews in the heart of the Arab world??!! They should all move to Florida, it is full of Jews”

My uncle said “Hezbollah is winning so far, may God help them”

They all seem to agree.

Except me. I didn’t participate in the conversation. I don’t know why I feel shy discussing politics with my aunts and uncles. Maybe because I am not used to it as I have been shy as a kid, and wasn’t able to break this barrier with my father’s family after becoming an adult.

I can’t see how Hezbollah is winning. No one mentioned how much Lebanon lost in this war. 1 million lebanese refugee so far, 1000 lebanese have been killed, thousands injured! If we are going to associate Hezbollah with Lebanon as a country, then it lost, and is losing more every single moment of this war.

Israel may get a scar from Hezbollah missiles, but the Lebanese are dying. Hospitals won’t be having any more fuel in less than a week. All bridges connecting Lebanon to the outer world are destroyed. It is getting harder and harder to provide them with aid.

We are getting to a suicidal situation. This war must stop now. Accept the UN resolution. Save the Lebanese.

Lebanese in Amman making me realize how fortunate we are

People don’t realize how fortunate they are until they see others misfortune.

Driving back to Amman from Fuhes after visiting my grandparents on a Friday afternoon. I enjoyed that whole way back home with vast streets, modern villas and high new nice white buildings with good amount of green all telling how wonderful Amman as a city is becoming. Hey, Ammanis are really becoming rich!

My favourite time is the afternoon near the sunset. Friday is great, you have plenty of time to relax and when you go out you don’t find many people in the streets as there is no heavy traffic like in the other days of the week. Summer in Amman is wonderful, it gets hot at mid-day, but when it approaches the afternoon and the nights it becomes just awsome.

I had to stop for a while at the Rabieh traffic light of the Ettesalat circle. I was enjoying the time, my beautiful city and the music of Elissa. Next to my car, I noticed a lebanese car, a family, the parents with two adorable kids. The kids seem to be around 5 years old, one was sitting next to his mother at the front seat looking in his exploring eyes around the city trying to figure out why did he have to leave his home and be here.

It saddened me how this family had to flee its home, but I felt so fortunate that I still can go home, I still can enjoy the beauty of my city and feel secure in my life.

A funny incident

This is Allah?
A previous co-worker of mine has been living in the US for sometime. He came back to Jordan with his family 2 years ago. The other day he took his little son of 5 years old with him to the Mosk for Friday’s prayers.

The little boy asked him “Where are we going dad?”

He said “We are going to Allah’s house son”

As they reached the Mosk and were waiting for the prayer to start. The little boy kept on looking for Allah.

When ever a man enters, he asks his dad “Daddy, is this Allah?”

His dad answers “No habibi, this isn’t Allah”

Suddenly the Sheikh entered the Mosk with his long white beard and long white dress. The little boy in excitement as he thought that finally found what he was looking for, jumped and shouted while pointing his finger towards the Sheikh “That’s it, This is Allah!”

The crowd around looked at him and laughed while his father stayed silent in embarassement.

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Poor fighters: Another slightly uncomfortable question

Between thinking of ‘some slightly uncomfortable questions‘ posted by Sandmonkey yesterday and reading the last chapter of Nawal Saadawi life where she talked about her participations as a doctor in 1958, 1967 and 1968 wars against Israel, I felt bad, not only for those civilians getting killed in this current war on Lebanon but also for those fighters who are losing their lives as well.

Nawal gave an account of a young Palestinian fighter who lost both his arms and legs in Al Karama battle in the Jordanian Ghor in 1968. Coming from a poor background, Ghuassan, the young man dreamt of dying in the battle in order to have a place in heaven as they taught him. He felt honored for the first time in his life for being able to fight for his country and religion.

The proud hero became a begger after he lost his arms and legs in the war. Leaders took all the credit. Poor fighters like him got killed and forgotten, others lost their insanity, some lost body parts like him. No one left to take care of him, he didn’t get rewarded for his sacrifice, instead as Nawal says, when an Amrican leader used to visit the town, the government used to clean the street of those beggers.

The same happens in Egypt, real fighters who went to war against England ended up killed or in jail for becoming a threat to the afterward goverment. Real ones who fought for the revolution in Egypt, ended up in jail after the revolution as well. In reality, poor men fight for the rich. Poor men got killed and forgotten while rich gets the credit.

Sandmonkey’s blog, we talked about compassion for Israeli civilians. Many Arabs would feel rage even talking about such idea, some would consider it out of humanity reasons, but how many would feel sorry for Hezb-Allah fighters and Israeli soldiers?

Do those fighters on both sides deserve to die? Why do we feel happy when we hear about the numbers of fighters being killed of the other side rise? Humans are humans. Being in civilians customs or military customs, they are still humans. They are mis-guided, forced, and brainwashed to fight others battles. And at the end, they don’t get anything in return. Maybe some would be lucky to get a memorial ceremony at most, but a lot others would be forgotten in history.

Can’t we stop all this mess?

6 shocking realizations in life

6. Love
I used to believe that there can be only one true love in a person’s life and that love would last forever. My parents have set a good example for me by still showing affection to each other after 30 years of marriage. I thought that if I found that love, it would never go away, and so I got stuck in love with someone for 10 years, I never thought that it ever possible for me to move on, but it happened, suddenly, and in a couple of months. I realized that when things don’t work out, love can be controlled, erased, and a new one can be written, nurtured and raised. It only needs a DECISION.

5. Friendship
I value friendship a lot, and adore my friends. When I build solid friendship with someone I like, I think it would last for a life time, as I used to think of love, unfortunatly I realized that in life, friendships can broke up easily, and without someone realizing the reason. Whether it is a SILLY fight, some people coming between us as of BF/GF, moving to another country, or just disappearing, it is always upsetting to lose ties with a close person.

In my diary of school at 9th grade a friend wrote me “We will always be friends, we will always talk and care for each other and live our future the way we lived our past”. The following year, as of 10th grade, we stopped talking or caring about each other. I don’t know what happened, it is saddening.

4. Arabic Union
At school, all subjects talk about our history and Arabic union. They planeted in us the idea of being one big nation seperated by lines drawn by imperialism forces. In reality, people around the Arab world differ a lot, even in language that I thought is the base of our union. Shocking reality is that the Arab union was just a dream, we have different countries that have many conflict of interests.

3. Sex
For years I have heard about sex. It is a big deal in this part of the world. People say that someone who hasn’t had sex yet is missing a lot. Like he is missing a big part of life – Not knowing anything yet! -.

Well, I did it. Those high expectations were fake. Nothing like what I expected. My reaction of my first kiss was disgust. I don’t know what did I expect? Did I expect a special flavour to the other’s tongue? I guess so! It disappointed me to find that it is tasteless, just like my own saliva!

Don’t get me wrong, sex is pleasurable, but not what I expected.

2. God
I grew up to know about God and Jesus. They taught me Christians principles since childhood. I never had a problem digesting the idea of the holy triangle. My faith was solidly built. There was not a chance at all to think of a Godless world. I didn’t know that there are people who don’t believe in God’s existance, who are comfortable in their life, and actually do have a moral structure. The idea of Godless world is there. It is shocking, and scary.

1. Death
At one point in my life, I realized that people die. They just go. My turn is coming in no time. Before me, my grandparents, my parents and others who I care deeply would go. I still can’t let go of my grandfather who passed away 15 years ago. He still appears in my dreams. I wonder how would I handle a loss of closer person. It is scary, but it is real, and is coming.